Typing on Windows 10 PC is about to get a whole lot better thanks to the 20H1 Update

Windows 10 20H1 update

Your PC is in line to get the Windows 10 20H1 update, a big feature update might I add, which will bring with it new features and improvement. There is one particular improvement you ought to be looking forward to; an improved typing experience. 

Experts on the matter say the Windows 10 20H1 update is mainly focused on improving typing experience. The Future Builds of the update comes with improvement on inline text suggestion, and it will work across all apps and platforms on the operating system. 

What does improved typing mean? 

Well, in a nutshell, think of it as Gboard, or Swift keyboard suggestion while you are typing on your smartphone. As you type on your keyboard, Microsoft will be giving you suggestions for the next word(s). 

This technology is obviously driven by AI, so don’t expect it to get the correct word suggestion from the go, but with time, it will become better. As it works out, when you type the first few letters, the AI suggests the next couple of word(s) and all you need to do is hit the tab key. 

The Windows 10 20H1 update is set for release sometime in April 2020. Though this feature is not new to Windows 10. A rudimentary version of it has was first released in April 2018 on the Windows 10 April Update, but it worked like a mere text suggestion. It had no inline suffixing to it. It also did now work with touch keyboard. 

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