Uamp A Miniture Hi-Fi Device Set To Raise The Bar For Your Music Listening On Ear Phones

UAMP A Miniature Hi-Fi Device Set To Raise The Bar For Your Music Listening On Ear Phones

Uamp A Miniature Hi-Fi Device Set To Raise The Bar For Your Music Listening On Ear Phones

Plato said that music has mystical, magical powers that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and everything. That is why when we are indoors we like jamming our favorite tunes on our home hi-fi home theatre systems.

We enjoy the feeling music gives us as it carries us away to a dimension of fun and comfort. But then, at one point we have to leave the house; to go to work, school, for a jog or whichever reason that could take us away from the soothing music inside our homes. However thanks to technology, now you can bring your music wherever you go; simply transfer the music into your iPod, Walkman or smartphone, and voila you get your music on the go.

But music playback on our portable devices is a buzzkill compared to the hi-fi system on which we first enjoyed the music. We are then force to compromise and endure the less-than-satisfying music jamming through our earphones.

But one startup, Uamp, says we need not compromise and settle for less that hi-fi quality sound system even when we’re on the move. Uamp is a miniature headphone amplifier that can easily fit inside the coin pocket of your jeans and amplifies music on your portable music players.

Smartphones and mobile music players manufacturers have done an exemplary job in terms of making these devices store a lot of music files. But, they have largely neglected the sound quality these devices can play. This is where Uamp comes to the rescue at the fraction of the prize and size of a standard amplifier.

Uamp Audio Engineer, Bart Kowalski said, “I love my hi-end audio setup, the sound is just so pure and clean. But then listening to music on my phone was a real let down. That’s why we created Uamp, so great sound isn’t restricted to the living room.”

Uamp co-founder, Joe Chehade said, “We want to make premium sound accessible to everyone, on any device.”

Uamp features a beautiful aluminum body measuring 43x43x9mm and weighing 0.9 ounces (26g). It’s miniature size allows you to carry it conveniently with you while you are out and about as you enjoy hi-fi quality sound on your portable music player. No need to compromise any longer.

The manufacturer says the device has five times the power of the standard amps found in iPhones in any music player. It is compatible with any devices with a 3.5mm headphone output; laptops, iPod, iPad, iPhone and most Android devices. The device also comes with five preset EQs (Flat, Streaming, Treble, Bass Boost and Bass Boost 2). The Streaming EQ is meant to boost music streaming services like YouTube, iTunes Radio, Spotify, Pandora, iHearts Radio, etc.

To get your hands on this nifty device, support its campaign on at an introductory price of $50. For more details follow this link.

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