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Two months ago, we ran an article about Uber’s plans to launch into Tanzania and Uganda. Well, today is that day for Ugandans, as they can now enjoy the services of the U.S.-based taxi hailing service.

Uber has finally rolled out its operation in Kampala, Uganda. Commuters within that city can now pick up their smartphones, open Uber app and hail a taxi; it typically takes one less than five minutes to roll up.

Ugandans will be able to see the taxi driver’s picture, the type of car they will be rolling up in and get real-time updates on their position on the map as the driver drives towards them.

How to hail a taxi using Uber

Hailing a cab using Uber is ABC-easy. Simply:

Download the Uber app from the Play Store or App Store.

Sign up for an account with your personal details

Turn on the GPS on your smartphone

Open the app and request for a taxi

You’ll see a nearby taxi coming towards your location

Uber Kampala said, “We’re super excited to be here, and we hope you are too! Go for a ride.”

Why you should Hurry Up and use Uber

As we said earlier, today is Uber’s first day in Uganda, and the service wants to make an impression; a good one for that matter.  For the four next days, users stand a chance of winning themselves a free Uber ride around Kampala.

Simply install the app and start booking a ride. You just might be the lucky winner to uber around Kampala for free.

Currently, Uber operates in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Next target African markets are Tanzania and Ghana.

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