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Uganda government wants to leverage on Blockchain Technology to improves its service delivery

by Milicent Atieno
uganda blockchain

Okay, our recent posts about Uganda has been somewhat critical, but who can blame us? Imposing a daily tax of $0.03 on all SIM cards accessing social media and stifling the freedom of speech space by requiring news sites to get approval, are not exactly the steps expected for a progressive government that belongs in the 21st century.

Well, on the flip side, the same government now wants to use blockchain technology to improve its service delivery to the Ugandans. The country’s Ministry of ICT has announced the government’s openness to any new positive technology – including blockchain – to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the public service sector.

Vicente Bagiire Waiswa, the Permanent Secretary of the Uganda Ministry of ICT on Wednesday last week while in Kampala showed his appreciation for technology in ushering Uganda into the 21st-century world that is increasingly techno-centric.

Government is going to use blockchain technology where it is appropriate to provide seamless services to the general public,” said Waiswa.

Waiswa further reiterated the importance of adopting cutting-edge technology for the country to remain competitive in this modern economy that is increasingly becoming digital. He further said that all over the world, a country running their affairs informed by big data, ICT, and financial systems are realizing faster economic growth.

He believes blockchain technologies will go a long way in cutting down the time people use to access government services. He noted tax payments as one of those public service sectors that could do so much better with the integration of such technology.

Kwame Rugunda, the chairperson of Blockchain Association also reiterated that the technology would add value and efficiency in the delivery of public service. The government of Uganda could cut down on the waste of public resources in the delivery of its service while at the same time improving the quality of the service by integrating blockchain technology into their system.

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