Uganda launches Miss Curvy to showcase the country’s most Curvy, Thickest and Sexiest Women

uganda miss curvy

Quick question, what is Uganda’s leading export? Well, if you don’t know, here is one answer that is likely not to easily escape your mind should you be asked such a question again. Uganda is exporting curvy, thick, and sexy women as a tourist attraction.

Yep, that is right. The East African country’s Ministry of Tourism made a controversial unveiling on Wednesday at the capital Kampala. On the list of things Uganda will be exporting, the Ministry has now added thick, curvy, sexy women.

This announcement was made by State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda during the launch of the ‘Miss Curvy Uganda’ that will feature only the sexiest and most curvaceous women Uganda has to offer. The finalist of this competition will be announced in June this year.

We have naturally endowed nice looking women that are amazing to look at. Why don’t we use these people as a strategy to promote our tourism industry,” said Mr. Kiwanda.

The launch of this new Ministerial project came complete with thick queens in sleek and revealing clothes cat walking around the Mestil Hotel poolside as photographers took snaps. Like most of the East African countries, tourism is one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for Uganda. In 2018, the sector roped in at least $1.4 billion, according to stats by the government.

The traditional tourists’ attractions in Uganda include safari parks where visitors get to see diverse wildlife species including gorillas and birds. The country is also home to the River Nile, beautiful mountains, and crater lakes.

Now, you can go to Uganda to see thick curvaceous women, which begs the question. Since by seeing such beautiful women is going to leave you thirsty, what plans does the Ministry have for you to quench your thirst? Will the Ministry pimp these women to tourists?

Miss Curvy is an event that will bring out the endowment of the real African woman. It is an exceptional event that will see young ladies showcase their beautiful curves and intellect,” argued Ms. Ann Mungoma, the lead organizer of this beauty pageant.

Mungoma is confident that when these curvaceous ladies will be flaunting their endowment, they will be boosting Uganda’s foreign exchange earnings. When asked if by encouraging women to flaunt their assets, they are not offending the conservative culture that has defined most African communities in the country and continent.

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