Ugandan President calls out Miss World Africa for wearing Indian Hair over her Natural Hair

Miss World Africa, Quinn Abenakyo

There is a new ‘Queen’ in town, the newly crowned Miss World Africa, Quinn Abenakyo.

However, Ugandan President has an issue to pick with Quinn. Sure she is tall and beautiful. These traits must be part of the reason she got voted as the Miss World Africa, but President Yoweri Museveni thinks she should have worn her natural hair instead of the ‘Indian hair.’

President Museveni took to Twitter and posted a picture he took with Quinn after she won the pageant.

That Tweet elicited a lot of strong reactions, with other supporting the President, and others saying Quinn has the freedom to wear whichever hair pleases her style. Be that as it may, India is still one of the largest suppliers of human hair used in making wigs.

In an interview with the BBC, Quinn did agree that she was “not trying to copy what the Western world does… It’s 50/50 for me depending on the occasion and how I feel. No-one needs to define how you wear your hair and what you do. If you are comfortable that is what matters.”

Here are some Tweets from the opposing opinion on President Museveni’s tweet.

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