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Ukraine as A Source of Skilled Developers for Highly Competitive and Complex Cloud Warehouse Solutions


Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM, and Intel are among the many giant corporations that leverage cloud warehouse solutions. However, it’s becoming extremely difficult for these industry giants and other companies to find quality talent locally.

Why is that?

Currently, there is a global shortage of developers. The United States, for instance, is home to over 4.4 million developers. However, with the annual decrease of CIS graduates by approximately 11,700 and software development job openings growing by 189,200 every year, the country is experiencing a deficit in tech talent.

Countries like Germany, Netherlands, and Australia are also in the same predicament, having a large number of programmers but still suffering a huge talent shortage. And adding on the heat is the fast-paced technology advancements that require highly skilled dedicated software developers.

To keep up with their software engineering needs, most US and western countries are moving across borders. Ukraine, mainly, is one of the most popular offshoring destinations for the majority of businesses.

Did you know that Google’s freelance developers actually outnumber full-time ones?

Today, offshore data warehouse developers are changing the game with an excellent alternative to on-premise data warehousing technologies. Also, you get to enjoy automatic scalability with no commitment to new hardware and top performance for lower costs.

Why You Should Hire Data Warehousing Specialists in Ukraine

Do you know that the Ukrainian IT industry accounts for nearly 8% of the country’s total export? What’s more, the industry proved to be immune to the Covid-19 pandemic and registered a 20.4% growth rate increase in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic. Last year also marked the first time when the IT industry’s export surpassed the $5 billion mark in history.

You already know why the performance of the IT industry in Ukraine is headed to greater heights. But why should you resort to outsourcing data engineering expertise from Ukraine and not other regions such as Bulgaria or Poland?

Here are some benefits of building an offshore IT operational base in Ukraine.

Hire From a Greater Pool of IT Specialists

Currently, Ukraine has one of the highest IT market capacities globally. With over 210,000 software developers, 4,000 IT companies, and a plethora of R&D centers, the country provides a reliable source of IT specialists.

If talking about Data Specialists, that are divided into:

  • Data Engineers (Data warehouse engineers, ETL engineers, etc). They all work to collect, sort, filter, and store data.
  • Data Specialists, that include Data Scientists responsible for data processing, Data analysts, Business intelligence specialists, Machine Learning and/or Deep learning professionals. However, recently, BI developers have been replacing data analysts.

But what about Data Engineers we are interested in?

The availability of highly skilled tech experts makes it less stressful to find a software developer. At present, Ukraine has more than 2,600 Data Engineers with Python skills and more than 2,500 with experience in Java and Scala. Pretty good numbers considering the difficulty of the specialty.

Education & Expertise in Coding 

Ukraine is globally known for its expertise in not only data warehouse software development but IT in general. According to statistics, over a hundred businesses on the Fortune 500 list choose Ukrainian IT companies’ services. This is because the country produces highly skilled developers (36,000+ graduates annually) who specialize in different coding languages.

Relatively Affordable Rates

The average data warehouse developer salary in developed countries is often too high for companies with limited budgets.

According to our research, a Ukrainian developer attracts an annual pay of between $1,500 and $8,500.

Here is a breakdown of Ukrainian developer salaries by level:

Data Engineering (Python)


$1500 – $2000


$3500 – $4500


$5500 – $7000


$7000 – $8000

Data Engineering (Scala/Java)


$3500 – $4500


$6000 – $7500


$7000 – $8500

Compared to middle-level specialists in the United States who attract an average of around $112,493 per year, or the Netherlands — 59,797, Germany — €62,715, the price of hiring a competent developer in Ukraine is relatively affordable.

Fast staffing

Hiring in-house software developers comes with its fair share of headaches.

For starters, you may not have adequate resources and knowledge to find and hire the right talent for your development needs. But, most Ukrainian software development companies do!

When offshoring to Ukraine, the software development company handles staffing, they absorb all the responsibilities and costs associated with the recruitment process. Thankfully for their expertise, they know the ideal talent for your scope of work and will find the perfect team fast.

Language Barrier Doesn’t Stop You

Ukrainian and Russian are the two official languages for people living in Ukraine.

However, due to the need to promote international trade, the Ukrainian government introduced English in schools, with students learning the language starting at an early age.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian tech industry insists that all aspiring IT specialists must be proficient in English. So, by hiring a developer from Ukraine, you can expect a ‘confident’ level of English speaking and writing, which promotes seamless communications.

How to Hire Qualified Warehouse Developers

Developing data warehouse solutions comes with many perks. However, here is the newsflash — hiring qualified warehouse developers is no easy task.

The good news is that you can get an offshore cloud services provider instead of doing it on your own. To save yourself the headache of evaluating numerous candidates, you may leave the process to an IT outstaffing company. The team will take an in-depth look at the scope of your project and help you find your ideal candidate. They will also onboard the team as well as provide all the necessary tools and resources needed for the project.

Newxel is one such reputable outstaffing company that will not only offer all the above but also handle all legal and accounting tasks. As a customer-centric company focused on the provision of quality services, you can enjoy unlimited IT support, among many other services.

How Newxel Built an Offshore Development Team for a Cloud Data Warehouse Startup

The client of Newxel is a reputable software company that has established authority as a trustworthy and secure cloud data warehousing platform for enterprises, dev teams, and big-data analytics experts.

As the business grew, the client needed to recruit more developers. At first, the goal was to hire one front-end and two back-end developers. However, knowing that hiring developers on their own could be a gamble, they decided to work with Newxel. The client needed developers who were guaranteed to meet their complex requirements right from day one.

First, the Newxel team spoke to the client’s one to understand their business model and requirements. From the meeting, they realized that the product was highly complex and needed developers with specific technical expertise and experience. After clarifying all the requirements and expectations, Newxel dived into in-depth market research to find the ideal candidate for the task. Next, they pre-screened the candidates, paying particular attention to their coding success rates. After the client’s approval, the vendor presented the perfect candidates to conduct tech interviews.

Within a few weeks, Newxel managed to set up a team of three developers. While they handle all the hassles of the recruitment process, the final hiring decisions are always left to the client.

Besides the standard HR support and account management services, Newxel also facilitated 1-to-1 meetings with offshore team members and synchronized seamless cooperation with the team for better feedback collection and issues resolution.

Overall, the project was an absolute success, and the client is looking forward to working with Newxel in the long term. To date, they have constructed a fully functional independent team for the client, with 20 developers in Ukraine. The team comprises Data Engineering specialists in popular technical stacks, full-stack,  back-end, and front-end developers, design specialists, DevOps, AQA, and Manual QA specialists.

Newxel also set up a branded separate office for the client. In addition, they provided Legal & Finance services, IT support & own IT infrastructure integration, Office management & procurement, and Global meetings maintenance, among many other services.

Over to you

In today’s tech-savvy world, data engineering is critically important and highly on demand. LinkedIn ranks this role as ‘very high,’ and estimates on the number of unfilled positions last year range from as much as 33-50%.

Take advantage of Ukraine’s large pool of data engineers who are not only affordable but world-class experts in the field. Whether you are looking to build a team, there is always a perfect deal for you in Ukraine. Newxel can help you get it right the first time. Contact them if you want to hire data engineers regret-free.

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