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Umbrella as a Reliable Protection from the Sun


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Everyone knows about the dangers of the bright sun, and therefore on hot days beach and shade umbrellas become very popular because of their protective function. In this article we will look at the principles of choosing the right umbrella for your place.

Umbrella functions:

The main and important function that outdoor umbrellas perform is protection from weather conditions. Most often it is used to protect from the scorching sun in hot weather. Less often, such an umbrella is used from the rain.

Naturally, such an umbrella will save the vacationer from a drizzling little rain. But with a strong wind and rain, such an attribute will be of little use. Moreover, such umbrellas are generally not recommended for use in windy weather, as there is a high probability that a strong wind can blow it away and break it.

Another important function of the umbrella is to protect the table located under it. Lovers of restaurants, street establishments and beaches like to eat outside in sunny weather. Therefore, the umbrella serves as protection from insects that can fall from trees, from falling leaves and other organic debris.

The main criteria and parameters for choosing an umbrella

  • When choosing an umbrella for your establishment or beach, you need to pay attention to its size. The outdoor umbrella should match the size of the area or terrace. If you do not have strict dimensions of the recreation area, then you need to choose a medium-sized umbrella – not too big, and not too small.
  • Pay attention to the strength of the umbrella, and what materials it is made of. Do not skimp on this, because if the umbrella is of poor quality, it will serve you for a short time. Therefore, a good quality umbrella is a profitable prospect for the future.
  • Define a clear purpose and function of the umbrella. If the umbrella will stand permanently on the terrace or only in one place of the plot, it is better to choose a heavy model – at least such an umbrella will not break from a gust of wind. But if it is constantly moving from one point of the site to another, then it is necessary to choose a lighter model.
  • It is necessary to take into account the physical characteristics of the material from which the umbrella is made. It must be waterproof, moisture-resistant, resistant to ultraviolet rays. If you do not think about these characteristics when choosing, then the material from which the umbrella is made may eventually lose these qualities, for example, rust or fade.
  • It is also worth considering the method of installing this or that umbrella. Today there is a huge selection of umbrellas with various mounting, for example, by attaching it to a table or to a pipe mounted in the ground or floor. You have to pick up an umbrella for your place.
  • It is important to consider how well this umbrella will be combined with the environment. You need to choose it by color and material, pay attention to the design of the model. Harmonious and stylish design will always attract people to your establishment.

If you are looking for umbrellas for your establishment, then we recommend using the services of the beach umbrella Dubai company. Parasol garden furniture has been one of the best solutions for sun protection and pool shading since 2006. The company pays due attention to each client, as it is really important for them to establish long-term relationships with their clients. They have a large assortment of high-quality umbrellas for the beach and umbrella shade structures, so you won’t have to buy new ones next year. In addition, they provide a guarantee for their products.

In addition, the company offers a trial period of its products. If you can’t decide on a choice, the company can deliver a piece of furniture to your home and leave it there for a few days so that you can think about your decision.

An outdoor umbrella helps to save not only yourself in hot weather, but also the furniture standing under it. Therefore, take the choice of an umbrella seriously and do not skimp on it.

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