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Unable to Open PDF Files in Samsung Galaxy S8

by Fahad Saleem

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is ideal as a mini-office but unfortunately, owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 are experiencing the issue that they are unable to open PDF files in their phones. On downloading, the PDF files go into the ‘MyFiles’ folder and one can see the files in the ‘Downloads’ folder. When the concerned PDF file is opened in the folder, message appears, saying:

“Unable to open file. <filename> was deleted, moved or renamed. Tap Download to download the file again or tap Remove to remove it from downloads.”

On downloading the file again, it disappears from the list. Furthermore, it has been noticed that when the file is downloaded again, different number is assigned to the downloaded file, meaning that the file exists somewhere in there. In addition to that, when the downloaded file in the folder is pressed and hold and clicked on Details, pop up appears with the file name, size, last modified date and the path.

This article discusses the various solutions to fix this issue, based on the experiences of the users of Samsung Galaxy S8 who faced this problem and tried many ways to solve it. Below are a few solutions that can be tried to fix the bug:

  • Some users have suggested that clearing the cache and data do not help. According to them, the problem lies with Google Drive being the default app. Clear the Drive default. To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Default Applications. Now, the PDF files can be opened with the Adobe Reader.




  • Clear the cache of Adobe Reader. To do this, go to Settings > Apps. Choose the Adobe Reader and tap on the Storage. Finally, tap ‘Clear Cache’.
  • Android phones do not have their own PDF file viewers, it is required to have an app for this purpose. Therefore, use some other PDF file viewer like the Google has one. This might fix the issue to open PDF files in phones.
  • Install WPS OFFICE application from the Play Store. Open your file manager and tap on the concerned PDF file. It will ask which application to open with? Select WPS. The issue gets solved and the PDF file can be viewed and read now.
  • Try to open another PDF file in the phone. If it doesn’t open, check if it opens in the PC. If the PDF file opens in the PC, it means PDF format is not supported by the smartphone or is not compatible with it. Therefore, use another PDF viewer. However, if the PDF does not open in the PC to, it means the file is corrupted. Try to fix the file in this case.


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