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UNDP Gives Kenya $16.4m For Solar Projects

by Milicent Atieno

UNDP Gives Kenya $16.4m For Solar Projects

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has given Kenya more than Sh1.5 billion ($16.4 m) to be used in the fight against effects of climate change. The announcement was made by Environment Principal Secretary, Richard Lesiyampe.

UNDP has already dispatched Sh690 million ($7.5 m), and an additional Sh900 million ($9.8 m) is in the pipeline. Lesiyampe noted that Kenya has already begun experiencing the devastating effects of climate change, adding that the funds have come just in time for appropriate measures to be put in place to combat climate change.

The PS said the country will approach dealing with climate change by promoting low emission and climate resilience development projects. He said the country will embark on a three-year program that will see the funds be channeled towards initiatives that will transform the counties from relying on charcoal energy to solar energy.

The funds will be used to put in mitigation measures to address climate change, and we expect the project to kick off next week,” said Lesiyampe.

The PS was speaking to the Press during an annual workshop held in Naivasha; Kenya dubbed the low emissions and climate change resilient development workshop. Some of the weather vagaries cited as having already been felt around the country include perennial drought, flooding, and erratic rainfalls. Climate change effects are not just felt by humans, but also, wildlife, the ecosystem, and livestock as well.

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