UNICEF Innovation Fund looking for Data Science Startups to invest $100,000

unicef innovation fund

Are you a startup using data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) among other similar technology to solve socio-economic challenges in your community? Well if so, you stand a chance to win $100,000 equity-free investment into your startup from the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

In recent year, UNICEF has been rolling out various funding programs towards startups using cutting edge technology to address socio-economic challenges. Startups dealing with blockchain, drones, virtual reality.

This UNICEF initiative has seen startups such as 9Needs from South Africa and Utopixar from Tunisia. The organization is now currently calling for applications, with eligible startups being given February 28 at the deadline for application.

Startups interested in participating in this round of funding are required to register to the UNICEF’s program countries.

Startups using the most advanced and cutting edge technology such as satellite imagery and social media in addition to AI and data science stand a greater chance of consideration.

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