How to Uninstall APUS Launcher in Galaxy, Mi Redmi and other Android Devices

Thousands of Android users are asking how to uninstall APUS launcher in Android devices, including Galaxy and Xiaomi Redmi devices. The problem of APUS launcher in Xiaomi MI Redmi devices is pretty common. In this article we will tell you how to uninstall and delete APUS launcher in all Android devices. APUS is a launcher theme which gives a peculiar look and structure to your theme and categories your apps in different categories. But strangely, many users find it automatically installed in their phones or find it difficult to delete APUS launcher once installed.

Uninstall APUS Launcher in Galaxy, Mi Redmi and other Android Devices

1   In Samsung Galaxy phones, in order to delete APUS launcher, just go to Settings and then head over to apps or default apps (or app manager n latest devices). Switch to home tab and uninstall APUS.

2   Go to APUS home screen and tap on  Security > Device administrator-> uncheck APUS apps and tick back Android Device or anything related other than APUS. Now go to Settings > Apps and search for APUS and tap on it and then tap uninstall APUS.

3     Go to APUS screen and you will see a tab named ‘system settings’. Now tap on ‘Security’ tab (you will find it by scrolling down) and you will see that APUS will be tick marked here. Just un-tick or uncheck it and come  out of this section, go to the ‘apps’ section by going to APUS System Settings, go to Apps, select APUS and then tap on ‘open by default’. Now tap on clear defaults. Now press the back button and go to menu and tap on the more button on the bottom of the scree and tap on ‘uninstall for all users’ and tap on ‘Ok’. Within seconds, APUS will be deleted and uninstalled.

4  If nothing works and APUS won’t uninstall, just reset your device as a last resort. In order to reset Android, just unplug your phone from any power source and remove the battery. Wait for a few minutes and then put the battery inside


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