The University of Pennsylvania’s Weiss Tech House Announces Pennvention Finalists

The University of Pennsylvania’s Weiss Tech House has announced 8 finalist teams for the final round of its 2016 Pennvention Competition. Pennvention is a technology innovation competition open to all students at the University of Pennsylvania. Competing teams develop a new product and work with established mentors to compete for over $20,000 in cash prizes.

This year’s competition was open to a variety of technological innovations including not-for-profit civic projects, hardware and software. Former Pennvention winners include BioBots, Maculens, Kinecthesia, and uBeam.

The Pennvention Competition will take place April 13 from 6 –8 p.m. in the Wu & Chen Auditorium, 3330 Walnut St.

Finalists include:


Members: Miranda Wang (C’16) , Jeanny Yao (University of Toronto)

BioCellection upcycles unrecyclable plastic waste into valuable compound rhamnolipid for textiles using genetically engineered bacteria.


Members: Adriana Catalina Vazquez Ortiz (2016, IPD, SEAS), Allie Looney (2016, IPD, SEAS), Clementine Gilbert (2016, IPD, SEAS), Sujay Suresh (2016, ESE, SEAS)

Lilu is making breast pumping a truly hands-free experience. Lilu’s first product is a dual nursing and pumping bra that automates breast compression using soft robotics.


Members: Miguel Gonzalez, Class of 2017 (Wharton / SAS [Lauder Dual Degree Program]), Félix González Herranz,Guzmán González-Torres, Félix González Sr., Javier García, Manuel Botija, Manuel Ruiz

JuntoSalimos is the first​ technological platform that helps Spanish-speaking early-stage entrepreneurs promote their start-ups, receive ideas from experienced professionals, and build key connections to move their ventures forward and succeed.


Members: Sade Oba (‘16 SEAS), Alfredo Muniz (‘16 SEAS)

XEED accelerates physical therapy for those with degenerative movement disorders by enabling therapists to monitor exactly how their patients move throughout the day and to provide personalized recommendations.


Members: Sherry Chen (2019, M&T), Eileen Huang (2019, SEAS), Jason Tang (2018, CAS, SEAS), Rahul Rai 92019, CAS),

XpressCart is the smart shopping cart that personalizes in-store shopping experiences and helps supermarkets stand out in the competition with online shopping.

Perseus Mirrors

Members: Antina Lee (WG 17), Erik Skantze (WG 17), Nikhil Srivastava (WG17)

Perseus is the next-generation, smart, interactive mirror that optimizes the time you spend in front of the mirror every day.


Members: Alexander David, SEAS (GEng’17), Shashwata Narain, Wharton  (WG’17), Siddharth Shah, Wharton (WG’17)

Fermento has innovated, patented and applied an existing Penn’s proprietary droplet-maker technology to speed up the production process used by the $520 billion global beer industry to make beer.


Members: Eshwar Inapuri (2019, SEAS), Anup Singh (2016, SAS), Jonathan Calles (2016, SAS)

With only one drop of blood required and without needing to visit a lab, our home blood testing device allows you topainlessly track the same important health indicators that doctors use to assess your overall health. Since the results are stored on your device, for the first time, you can track your personal health over time, identify problems as they emerge (along with steps to solve them), and send results to your local doctor.

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