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Upcoming Game Mode in Windows 10 Creator Update will make gaming on PC better than ever

by Felix Omondi
windows 10 game mode

Microsoft announced a few months ago that the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update (launching this April, but currently available in beta for Windows Insiders) will include the Game Mode.

As the name likely suggest, it is a setting suited for playing games. Microsoft says while the PC is on Game Mode, much of the computer resources will be dedicated to improving the performance and instructiveness of the game being played. Your gaming experience on PC is about to improve by at least some few percentages while in Game Mode.

At a recent Game Developers Conference, a guy from the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, Eric Walston, explained that the Game Mode is going to “focus the existing hardware on providing the best possible gaming experience.”

Earlier versions of Windows OS treats an ongoing game like just another application software (processes) running at the same time as others, without any special treatment. However, with Game Mode on, when a game is running, Windows will isolate CPU resourced dedicated exclusively to processing and optimizing that game. The same goes for GPU, which will give as much attention as possible exclusively to the game.

Take, for instance, an octa-core system. When the Game Mode is activated, Windows will allocate as much as six cores dedicated to processing the game only. Though that is also subject to what other programs are running simultaneously, but the bottom line is, Windows will try to dedicate much of the system’s resources to the game.

As for the GPU, although Windows currently dedicated the bulk of the processing to whatever is currently being focused on the screen. In the upcoming Game Mode, the system is going to give active game more than their fair share of GPU processing power. Game Mode will also give a favorable GPU memory residency to assets that are associated with the game. Giving you a smoother performance and showing more details on the same hardware than without Game Mode.

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