Upcoming Mega Exciting Apple Products in 2015

Upcoming Mega Exciting Apple Products in 2015

Apple’s obsession with the secrecy of its future plans initiates a lot of excitement among the fans of its products. This strategy gives rise to great hype around the release of every major product. Moreover, the secrecy of plans gives rise to a bundle of leaked images and rumors about new gadgets. Due to lack of official information from Apple, we have to rely on rumors for getting some sort of information about upcoming devices. Here are upcoming mega exciting Apple products in 2015.

Apple Watch (Early 2015)

It is the only product that Apple has officially confirmed that it will be released in early part of next year. However, the details about the device are not disclosed by the company. According to rumors from a French Apple news site, Apple Watch will be launched on the Valentine’s Day 2015. The price of the device will start from $349, but may cost more depending upon the model. According to Apple, 38mm size watch models will contain a 272×340 pixel screen and the 42mm version will feature a 312×390 pixel screen.


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MacBook Air with Retina Display (Mid 2015)

The Cupertino company is yet to debut the low-cost range MacBook Air with a Retina display. According to the sources cited by Macworld, Apple is waiting for the next generation i5 and i7 chipsets due to the poor performance of Core M processors. There have been continuous rumors about the 12-inch MacBook Air model. It is rumored to feature a Retina display with ultra-slim casing, latest type of trackpad, and a fan-less design.


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Apple TV

Apple had plans to introduce a revolutionary internet-based television service that would support both live and on-demand streaming services. In another plan, Apple was reported to be negotiating with Comcast on the case of allowing the Apple TV travel on a separate and a less-congested part of the network. However, these plans couldn’t grow into reality due to negotiation difficulties with cable companies and various content providers. Some rumors suggest that the revamped versions of Apple TV will make its debut in 2015.

The upcoming Apple TV would provide interesting services such as streaming a large number of TV channels of different countries worldwide, support for video games and also a huge range of apps from its own app store.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus( Third Quarter of 2015)

After considering the trend of smartphone series from previous years, we can safely predict that Apple will release at least one device with iPhone 7 tag. John Gruber, a well-known tech industry commentator, rumored that iPhone 7 will contain fabulous rear camera. The next year version of iPhone 7 might provide the biggest jump in the camera technology in iPhone lineup. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are also rumored to contain a built-in Beats music app.

iOS 9 (Third Quarter of 2015)

With great success of iOS 8 this year, Apple would certainly love to raise the user experience even further by releasing iOS 9 in 2015. The report from Financial Times suggests that the Beats Music App will be offered into next year’s iOS 9.

iPad Air 3

With great success of iPad Air 2 in terms of its slim and stylish design, Apple will certainly take the chain further ahead. Next generation iPad Air model is expected to be the slimmest tablet on the planet, around 5mm. It will offer comparable and slightly better specs as compared to those found in iPad Air 2.



These were 6 upcoming mega exciting Apple products in 2015. Let’s see what innovation Apple brings to the board as it heads towards becoming the first trillion dollar market cap company of the US.


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