Upgrade your Digital Marketing Skills with Launch Love e-Book

Upgrade your Digital Marketing Skills with Launch Love e-book

Digital skills has become crucial to the survival and growth of business. Your customers’ first and fastest place to search for information, is their smartphone to access the internet and ‘google’ some information.

If your business lacks digital presence, or, it’s not at par with the industry’s best standards. You can definitely be confident, in knowing that the customer will likely not see your business first and fast; if at all!

Launch Love is an e-book with all the tips on the industry’s best standards that will propel your business’ digital presence from invisible, to first and fast visible. Created by Spann & Company, Launch Love walks you gives you a step-by-step walk-through on digital skills that will improve your brand’s visibility.

The tutorial will help you answer the following questions about your brand that could make or break your business:

Brand Identity

Is your brand buzz-worthy? #LaunchLove takes you through a step-by-step guide to brand self-discovery. Learn how to build your brand on a budget and find your dream customers! Learn about brand analysis and positioning. Running audits on your digital presence, and audience development activity among others.

How to become a Social Media Influencer

Anybody can tweet or post on Facebook, but getting traction is a different story. Get pro tips on how the author got more than 30,000 new followers on their pre-launch, pre-product stage. The book lays out the blueprint to attracting followers in their thousands, brainstorming and strategy tactics, best practices on content creation, and social media rock star insider tips among others.

Email Marketing

Is it really dead? The pro tips on how to grow your email list with ease. Get the pro tips on how you can grow your email list by 500 new subscriptions per day. The e-book comes with tips, tricks, and best practices to rapidly growing your email list. The right strategy for content creation, marketing funnel tutorial, best tools for email marketing and a marketing audit among others.

Product Launch

There is the right way to launch a new product, and there’s the wrong and costly way. Launch Love unlocks the secrets to a successful product launch campaign. Get walkthrough tips on campaign checklist, campaign gear guides, pre-launch deliverable and audience segmentation among other tips.

These are just the tips and tools available at the surface of the Launch Love e-book to get your business on the right digital path to success. The book is available for download at the Spann & Company website here.

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