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UPitch: Best Product, Business Pitching App For Startups and Journalists

by Fahad Saleem

UPitch: Best Product, Business Pitching App For Startups and Journalists

The modern corporate world is fixated around one key factor: the quality of your product pitching process. In a huge influx of literally thousands of products, apps, services daily, making your product or idea stand out is an art. People around the world beg to major publishers, websites, workshops and TV channels to give the first coverage to their product/services in order to get a first attractive showcase. But there is a new app in town which is based on the idea to revolutionize the product pitching process once and for all. Meet UPitch, an app for iOS and Android which is going to make product pitching process user-driven.

upitch app 3

The idea and workflow of UPitch is simple. You have an interesting product or service which you think needs a pitch in order to increase sales or publicity? Take out your smartphone, open UPitch app, pitch your product, publish it. Journalists around the world will be able to select interesting products, businesses, startups and services from UPitch app. There are categories, areas of interests and product lines nicely curated in the app interface which lets anyone sift through the pitches and choose the best ones.

UPitch App also has a “UPitch instant messenger”, which lets both parties (pitcher and journalists/interested potential customer) to interact immediately.

How UPitch Works

The app’s interface and flow is simple.

Make a free account on UPitch using your LinkedIn ID.

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If you need to pitch your idea, product, service, just upload all the information, with engaging title and explanation along with images and make your pitch live.

If you are a journalist or just want to stay updated with the interesting product pitches around the world, you could sift through the UPitch app in the sea of pitches.

If you like any pitch, just swipe right on it and you will get an option to interact with the pitcher via instant messenger of the app.

If you don’t like any specific pitch, swipe left and you will get another pitch.

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UPitch app for iPhone is slated to hit the Apple app store this June. The Android version will be up by July and Windows Phone app for Upitch will come in Fall 2015, according to the official website of the app.

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