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How to upload pictures and videos from Computer to Instagram

by Felix Omondi
computer to instagram

These days it seems the world is going mobile-first, leaving users who spend most of their time glued to their computer screen feel like the minority. There just isn’t as much focus on folks using PCs as there is for mobile users.

Today, we going to talk about Instagram and the weird fact that (for the most part) you can only view posts on the desktop but make a post from there. There are numerous workarounds to these limitations as discussed below:

Ø  The Instagram app from Windows Store on touchscreen tablets and PCs:

Yes, the official Instagram app available on Windows Store allows you to post directly from your computer. However, the computer must be touchscreen-enabled; either a Windows tablet or PC. You would be surprised how many people out there (with touchscreen PC) have no clue they can post to Instagram right from their to instagram

Ø  Use Gramblr on PC or Mac computers:

Download the Gramblr app from the site [] and install it on your PC or Mac. Gramblr is a free app to use but has no affiliation with Instagram. There is no telling whether or not your data will be safe, but so many people are already using it. Once you have installed the app, posting pictures from your Mac or PC is a simple process by following the app’s menu commands.

Ø  Use Bluestacks (Android emulator) on your PC:

Bluestacks works like a virtual Android box running on top of your Windows OS as an Android emulator. Installed on your computer, you can essentially run any Android from Google Play Store and use it as if you are using an Android phone. Except you have a full keyboard and mouse for navigation, which can be hard to do, given Android ecosystemcomputer to instagram was not really designed for mousing. Install Bluestacks and then download Instagram from the Play Store, then you will be uploading photos and videos from your computer or even take a snap using your webcam.

Ø  Use Dropbox of Mac or PC with Android:

Let’s talk the basics. Dropbox is a cloud storage that allows you to shares files between devices and other people quickly, right? Now, if you uploaded your photos and videos on your computer to Dropbox, you can easily take out your phone and share them directly from Dropbox to Instagram; among other social media to instagram

Here is the trick; if you want to share photos or videos on your computer to Instagram, first have them uploaded to Dropbox, and from there (and using your phone) share them on social media. That part of having to use your phone suck, I know, but you still have the other first three options above for that.

The Instagram rules still apply, you must post pictures or videos in the square size of 640×640 pixels apply. If you want the entire photo to be posted as it is, you will need other photo editing tools to help you out; otherwise, you will have to crop out part of the picture to get that nice square shape that defines Instagram.

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1 comment

Kurunczi László August 24, 2017 - 6:09 pm

640×640??? Ok I get the 1:1 ratio but from where did the 640×640 came?
Actually there is another way to upload pictures form Windows 10 pc without touch screen if you have the Instagram app installed.
I accidently clicked on share in the default Windows Photos app and than there was the option to share with IG. Ok if you don’t have a mouse/touchpad that has a left/right scroll function than you can’t really use the filters and such and even with a capable mouse/Tpad the moving left or right not always works, but at least you can post. 🙂
Oh and it only works with pictures and does not support multiple pictures at once.

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