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US Secretary of State John Kerry Is In Kenya; Two Months Ahead Of President Obama’s Visit In July

US Secretary of State John Kerry Is In Kenya; Two Months Ahead Of President Obama’s Visit In July

Kenya received its first high-level visit from the United States since 2012, yesterday May 3rd. Following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s case at the International Criminal Court

(ICC). The case has since been dropped, due to lack of evidence and Kenya’s lack of cooperation with the court. However, Kenya’s Deputy President’s case is still ongoing at the ICC.

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry’s visit comes two days after the arrival of former US President, Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton, who arrived in Kenya on Friday May 1st

. The Clintons were expected to leave Kenya yesterday.

Today, Kerry is scheduled to meet with the 1998 US Embassy bombing survivors, hold talks with President Kenyatta,

and hold meeting with Eritrea and Putland representatives over a discussion on terrorism. Later in the afternoon, Kerry will meet with United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHRC), after which he will hold a meeting with the business community leaders.

On Tuesday, Kerry will be hosted by civil society groups before his departure on Wednesday, May 6th


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