How To Use Siri Music Commands To Control Your iPhone Music Play

How To Use Siri Music Commands To Control Your iPhone Music Play

Siri is Apple’s Virtual Assistant found in iPhones used for a number of things including reading text messages out loud, dialing a phone number to giving weather updates. In this article, we are going to explore you can use Siri Music Command to control your iPhone’s Music Play.

The following Siri tips will help you control your Music with voice commands. First things, first! You must enable the ‘Hey Siri’ feature; to be able to summon Siri to your wishes by voice. To do this head on to iPhone Settings menu >> General >> Options for Siri >>and tap it on the enabler for ‘Hey Siri’ command.

Once you got the Hey Siri feature turned on, you can simply say that out loud, and Siri in your iPhone will come to do as you desire; provided you phone is connected to power. However, if you are not connected to power, you need to press and hold the Home button to wake Siri up.

The Siri Music Commands

Siri is a pretty smart AI and should understand most of your commands as far as playing music go. You can summon Siri to play a particular track, Album, Artist or Genre.

Take, for instance; you can say Hey Siri, play Empire State of Mind. This will play Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys song Empire State of Mind. To play a random track off that album, just say, Hey Siri, Play the album ‘The Blueprint 3’. To play random songs by Jay-Z just summon, ‘Hey Siri, Play Jay-Z. For a random Rap (Genre) music say, “Hey Siri, Play Rap music”

If you created a playlist in your music collection, you can summon Siri to play a particular playlist you can say, ‘Hey Siri, play ‘the name of the playlist’.

To stop music from playing simply say ‘Stop’, and say ‘Pause Music’ to pause currently playing music. Say ‘Skip’ to have Siri skip the currently playing music. To go to the next track say ‘go to next track,’ to go to the previous track say ‘play previous track.

When you hear a song playing from other sources, and you have no idea what the name of the track is or which artist sang the song or even the name of the album. Simply ask Siri, “What music is playing.

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