How to Use TOR Browser in iPhone, iPad for Anonymous, Secure Browsing

TOR is the most secure way to browse  the internet. TOR browser is perhaps the only network whose security still hasn’t been breached by the Big Brother. TOR browser disperses the server traffic at a plethora of network points, making it impossible to pinpoint the source of the data packets. TOR browser also gives you a lot of ways to spoof your identity and change your IP address. TOR security is proven and so far no hacking attempt on TOR has gone successful at a major level. In this article we will talk about how to use TOR browser on iPhone and iPad.

Use TOR Browser in iPhone, iPad for Anonymous, Secure Browsing

TOR browser has no official apps on the Apple app store. Therefore, we will use a third party browser to link with TOR and activate it. The browser is known as Onion. It’s the best browser for TOR.

Onion browser with TOR gives you loads of anonymity.

First of all, download the Onion browser app for the app store. It will take a few minutes to install the Onion Browser.

After installation, launch the browser and you will see an option named “Connect to TOR”. Tap on this option.

TOR will take some time to connect and initiate bridges. Let the app do its work.

Once the TOR connection is established, you will be able to use the Onion browser. You can use the browser without any security worries and the TOR network is powering the Onion browser through its bridges and encryption.

Keep in mind that TOR browser is always slow. That’s because TOR divides the traffic through various network points to make the traffic anonymous. If you feel that the network is too slow, you can always request a new IP. You should also keep checking the back-end TOR connection to make sure TOR is connected. Mostly, the sign of a valid TOR connection is that the Onion color goes green.

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