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How to use VLC Media Player to Record your Screen

by Felix Omondi
Record your Screen

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to record your screen? Perhaps to demonstrate to someone how to do something, or explain how something works. Maybe you are a gamer and simply would like to show off your mad-sick swings with the M16A4 gun in Call of Duty Series laying to waste bad guys.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to record your screen, you are already spoilt for choice for screen recording tools. However, before you go out to purchase (or get freemium) tool, there is another tool already installed that you probably don’t can do the screen recording; VLC Media Player!

Yes. That versatile video tool has another powerful trick hidden up its sleeve that only power users know about. VLC can record your screen and give you very impressive recordings that you can use even professionally.

How to record your screen using VLC

You probably have it installed on your computer; it is one of the most popular media playing tools in the world, and powerful too. So launch the app on your computer.

Click on Media, and then tab the toolbar and select Convert/Save.Record your Screen

Next, you need to switch to the Capture Device tab and in the dropdown box change the Capture mode to DesktopRecord your Screen

You will now have to select the frames per second at the Desire frame rate box. Pro Tip, for basic recording, 15fps will do just fine, but if you are looking for HD recording, pump it up to 30fps. Put in mind the higher the fps, the bigger the size of the file.Record your Screen

Next, click on Convert/Save button at the bottom of the next dialog box that will come up.

On the Destination file box, click on Browse and select the location you want the file for the recording to be saved.Record your Screen

Finally, click on Start to start recording the screen. VLC will start recording everything on your screen (and I mean everything, so be sure to put away anything you don’t want others to see). There will be no indication that it is recording.

To stop the screen recording, click on Stop button on the VLC interface.

The recording will be saved as a file in the folder you had stipulated. Go to that folder to playback the video, and you can then proceed to share or whatever it is you want to do.

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