Use WhatsApp, Transfer Files and Other Android Apps from PC Using AirDroid 3

Use WhatsApp and Other Android Apps from PC Using AirDroid 3

AirDroid has emerged as a useful tool for performing various tasks related to your smartphone from your PC. You can transfer files, paste links and texts from web browsers, and much more. The AirDroid app has now been updated to version 3 with a lot of interesting and useful features for Android users. Let’s see how AirDroid 3 improves the native user experience even further.

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Features and Requirements for Using AirDroid 3


The most amazing feature of AirDroid 3 is AirMirror which allows the users to control their Android handsets remotely with the help of desktop application. You can utilize the beta feature to reply to incoming messages and perform other tasks on the Android handset via the Mac or Windows using Mouse and Keyboard. You can even respond to your WhatsApp messages right from your desktop, without having to pull your phone out of your pocket. However, you need to root your device for getting this functionality. Moreover, you must be running Android 4.0 and higher for AirMirror to work. The support for Android 5.0 is not available at the moment.

With the help of AirMirror, the incoming call notifications will also be showcased on your desktop screen when you are connected with the smartphone. The users will be able to mute or discard calls, reply via SMS, and answer it on their phone.


With the help of AirDroid’s Multi-screen feature, you will not miss any important messages when you are doing your work. You can control your smartphone completely via mouse and keyboard on your PC. You don’t even need to have your phone with you.

Better Notification Management

AirDroid 3 offers a better notification management. The notification mirroring feature shows all kinds of notifications from the Android device in real time. The users also have the option to turn on “Do Not Disturb” feature for particular apps.

End-to-End Encryption for Messages

AirDroid 3 also offers end-to-end encryption for text messages, notifications, and other type of account credentials.

File Sharing

AirDroid 3 has made file sharing between Android device and PC, and between two connected Android devices, really simple. The users just need to drag and drop files, which they desire to share via local or remote connection. The files shared via remote server will be available for downloading for seven days on the AirDroid server.


Android 5.0 Lollipop Material Design

The latest AirDroid app has been redesigned for matching the Android 5.0 Lollipop’s material design.

In short, AirDroid 3 brings a revolution in the world of remote controlling your Android smartphones from your PC. However, it still lacks some features such as browsing files and photos, locating the handset, accessing the camera app, taking screenshots, changing the ringtones and more.

Download the Android app from here. You can download the PC and Mac version from the company’s website.



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