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Useful iOS 8 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

by Fahad Saleem

Useful iOS 8 Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Apple’s eighth Mobile Operating System, dubbed as iOS 8, was launched on September 17th 2014. This iOS 8 review will reveal many iOS 8 features and iOS 8 tips that were not defined in iOS 7.  iOS 8 is better than its predecessor in many aspects but you can still play around with some tips and tricks to get the best out of it. Some useful iOS 8 tips and tricks are listed below.

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6 Best Third-party keyboards:

The new iOS 8 comes with 6 different keyboards. That is a big news for fans of Swiftkey, Touchpal, Cooolkey, Swype, Minuum, and Fleksy because these keyboards have been installed for better typing experience. You can still add as many new keyboards at a time as you want. You can navigate as:

                 Settings =>General => Keyboards => Keyboards (yes again) => Add New Keyboard.

After installing keyboards, they will all be available to you and you can switch between keyboards both by going to settings menu and by changing keyboard from within the messenger app.

Maximize the battery timing:

You don’t need to install third party apps for saving battery now. iOS brings some more flexible options for optimizing the use of apps and services to save battery life. The latest iOS8 allows you to maximize your battery through

  • Turning off location services
  • Adjusting screen brightness
  • Turning off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth if not using
  • Disabling auto app update and app refreshing

All this can be done by a few taps in battery usage menu and will increase you device’s battery life a few hours at least. You can see the running apps by navigating through;

Settings => General => Usage=>Battery usage

You find the option to close of force shut down of apps that are clogging memory and consuming most battery power by a simple tap.

Add widgets to notification center:

Another cool iOS 8 trick is to slide down your Notification Area and scroll down to Today till you see Edit. Here you can find new widgets and apps such as: Yahoo weather, Evernote, iTranslate, Dropbox, OpenTable, Peedometer++ etc. These can be added to you home screen as well as notification center.

Share your location with others:

One of the interesting features in IOS 8 is sharing your location. You can share your location with others through text messages. This thing can be used for locating friends and family as well as dealing with emergency situations. In a message, Navigate as

Details=>Send my current location.

Another Option is to share your location throughout a day for a particular piece of time.

Add Emergency Medical Card to your home screen:

Apple has started paying great attention towards medical applications and health care. iOS brings more health related functionality. A handy iOS 8 tip is that in case of any accident, your Medical ID provides relevant information about you to others. You can navigate as:

Health=>Medical ID=>Edit

Make sure that Show When Locked is enabled. When the screen is locked, tap Emergency and select MEDICAL ID that provides info regarding your Full name, Birth date, Medical conditions, Allergies, Blood type and much more.

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