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Using Google Suite For Business? 8 Tips To Increase Efficiency

Using Google Suite For Business? 8 Tips To Increase Efficiency

With dozens of applications and four management tools, G Suite (now known as Google Workspace) is a favorite cloud suite option for most small businesses.

However, given its numerous features, G Suite may seem a little daunting for users to familiarize themselves with. But it’s certainly one of the most user-friendly and reliable business tools out there. Here is a list of G Suite tips to increase efficiency and productivity in your business.

1. Email Files Up to 10GB

You probably saw on Gmail that you can only attach and send files with a max of 25MB.

Well, there’s a way around it. Simply upload the files to your Google Drive. Then, insert the file into your email by clicking the “Insert files using Drive” button which is found at the bottom of your email draft.

This should allow you to send emails with a maximum of 10GB attachments.

2. Use Google Add-ons

One of the most useful features of G Suite is the Add-on. Besides Google’s own apps, there are numerous third-party apps available that can help improve the functionality of Google Apps.

You simply download them from the Google Marketplace and integrate them into your Google tools.

For instance, if you need to fax Google Documents, simply click Add-ons in the top navigation. Look for your online fax service provider so you can start faxing with Google.

Simply install your fax service provider add-on and set up action and triggers. From there on, all incoming faxes will be automatically uploaded to the chosen folder in Google Drive. You can send a fax with the fax provider add-on, fill in the necessary details, and just press Send.

You can do the same for all other apps such as Gmail where you can find mail-merge apps or digital signature apps available.

3. Get G Suite Intranet

Here’s another tip for better collaboration and productivity with G Suite that may save you effort and time.

If you’re already using G Suite, then consider getting G Suite intranet. Google-based intranets can integrate seamlessly with G Suite and its wide variety of apps. Not only can it boost the adoption and value of G Suite but can also make collaborations among your employees easier. It helps your employees be on the same page and remember that they’re still under the same organization, even when they all work from home in different parts of the world.

4. Voice Typing

Do you ever get tired of typing all day long? Google Docs allows you to type with your voice.

First off, you need to have a good microphone attached to your computer. Then, go to “Tools” and click “Voice typing”. Allow your browser to use the microphone and simply hit the microphone icon whenever you’re ready.

There are even voice shortcuts you can use to remove and add punctuation to your document so you can completely go hands-free.

5. Restarting Tabs

If Chrome seems to lag with all those tabs open, you might need to restart it. But to avoid losing everything that you’ve been staring at for the past hour, you simply type in “chrome://restart” on the address bar.

That should relaunch your browser without losing your tab list and spend valuable time to open them all over again.

6. Organizing Tabs

Speaking of tabs list, did you know there’s a way to organize your tabs? Grouping tabs can keep related pages together in a single workspace. It can help you know which ones to click on for different tasks.

With a simple right-click, you can group your tabs together and even label them with a custom color and name. Once your tabs are grouped together, you can reorder and move them on the tab strip. Now your tab list looks neat and colorful.

7. Use Single Sign-On

Enabling Single Sign-on (SSO) allows you to sign in just one time to access all your G Suite apps as well as third-party apps. This is quite handy if you also use a G Suite intranet that supports SSO.

8. Use Research Pane

When you’re working in Google Docs and doing research at the same time, you might encounter the problem of having many windows open and switching between Google searches.

If you’re annoyed but all these windows and switching, G Suite has a solution. Simply go to “Tools” and open the “Explore” function in Google Docs. A pane should pop up on the right side so you can access Google Search directly from Google Docs.

It doesn’t stop there; you can also embed an image or add a link directly from the pane through a simple drag and drop.


These are just some of the most important G Suite productivity tips you need and there’s more you can find. With these eight tricks up your sleeve, you and your employees should be able to use G Suite to its full potential and boost productivity levels.

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