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Using LinkedIn to Increase Your Social Visibility

by Fahad Saleem

Using LinkedIn to Increase Your Social Visibility

LinkedIn is usually considered a place for uploading resume, getting hired and forgetting LinkedIn, but it is more than that. Your public profile as a professional is reflected better in LinkedIn than any other Social Media Network. While LinkedIn is a great source of getting connections, it can get your articles more visibility and broader readership too.

Building Your Audience

LinkedIn is a highly professional Network. Carefully join groups on LinkedIn because reliability and reputation of your profile and content might decrease if you are sharing you content related to music with a group of professionals who are looking for technical content writer.

Publishing on Right Time

Articles on LinkedIn have a different trend of Shares than WordPress or Facebook. Here is a chart showing comparative analysis of days for no. of articles shared.

linked inn 2


According to this chart, articles get maximum shares on Tuesday and Monday and rest of the days have a declining trend in number of shares. You can still write your articles in those days and schedule them for posting later on Monday or Tuesday.

Pick Your Topics Carefully

As LinkedIn is a professional Network, this thing certainly will affect the readership. There are categories, topics and keywords. Pick your topics carefully as some topics will have the advantage of being related to professionalism and leadership and LinkedIn being a platform for that. To know more about LinkedIn hacks, you can read full review of Meet Alfred.

linked inn 3

While this somehow increases the chances of popularity of some topics, it does not limit your topics. If you can write excellent about other topics, you can even expect other people getting inspired and start writing on that topic, forming a new category to write.

Be Specialist in Your Articles

“Jack of all trades” does not work with LinkedIn and you have to write articles dedicated to one topic. You have to be specific about facts and figures and about what your topic covers. The scope of your articles should be limited to 2 or 3 subtopics because LinkedIn categorizes content on the basis of content covered.

linked inn 4

Trick that Always Works

Like other blogging and social media websites, LinkedIn indexes articles on the basis of traffic they attract in the form of clicks, likes, shares so create content that invokes audience to comment. You can write controversial, you can ask opinions, you can simply ask them to counter argue. Encouraging participation and including call to action will make your content more shared on LinkedIn.

Try your own creative methods too and let us know about feedback!



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