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Using your Resources to be a well-prepared Traveler

by Kimberly Thomas

Using your Resources to be a well-prepared Traveler
Planning Your TravelI am addicted to traveling and finding any reason to plan a getaway trip. Technology has made everything so convenient for people all over the world that language barriers are not so much an issue. Simply go to Google translator on your smartphone and communicate with the locals. If your flight is delayed and you didn’t finalize your hotel accommodations, just connect to Tripadvisor or Wanderfly. There you will find everything you need from hotel reviews, things to do, local attractions, rentals, the best places to eat and much more. Have you ever thought about the trips you’ve planned and what you had to go through without technology? A time when all these luxuries didn’t exist and the yellow pages were the only source of getting a contact number or while driving you had your handy map as your only guide to get to a destination. (Shakes head and shivers)

If you are the adventurous and outgoing type but short on cash then Couchsurfing might work for you. This hospitality- exchange network compromised of over 3 million people gives you the opportunity to temporarily stay in beds or sometimes a couch at a stranger’s house free of charge. It’s an interesting concept and one that is adopted by most countries you would like to visit. Another resource to check into if short on cash is points acquired from using your bank cards or credit cards.  I never truly understand the points concept until I booked myself a round trip ticket from New York to Aruba and only had to pay the taxes and fees.  Due to that great experience I always encourage others to stop using cash and use their cards because of the unlimited benefits provided. Whenever travelling in large groups look into renting a time share instead of booking a hotel. It is a cost effective way to have your own space while enjoying what your location has to offer. If you want to compare costs visit Redweek, this site connect renters with possible renters and eliminated the middle man.

Who wants to worry about the little details when you have so many great options to help you plan ahead and experience the best vacation possible? I am very appreciative of the ease and convenience that all these different resources provide. From being able to go on Kayak to find the best airfare, rentals and hotels based on one search engine to checking in for my flight and paying in advance for my checked luggage to make my travelling smoother, I feel accomplished knowing things are getting done. And as someone who loves to plan ahead, I know my food options, activity options and miscellaneous will be taken care of or at least bookmarked on my phone. My only concerns should be what time I want to wake up and get my day started.

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