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Using Technology to Encourage your Kids to Read


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Some children take to reading very enthusiastically and will read just about anything that they can get their hands on. Others are a lot less enthusiastic and may not be very interested in reading anything. When you’re dealing with a child who is a reluctant reader or who might be struggling with reading, finding ways to encourage them and support them is important. Even if your child doesn’t much like reading for fun, it’s important for them to develop their literacy skills for other reasons. Technology can be excellent for helping you to encourage reading, so take a look at these options for making reading easier.

Match Audio to Written Words

Hearing a book read out loud can be very useful for kids who might struggle to read, including children with dyslexia. You can use audio books for kids to allow them to listen to stories and perhaps follow along with the same book. They will be able to hear the words and match them with the same words written down. Not only does this ensure they will be able to understand the content of the book, but they will also be able to read independently. It helps to make reading fun and engaging.

Use Ebooks

Ebooks and digital reading formats might be of use if you want to try and encourage children to read. It can be one option that works for children who are big screen users. It can allow for some changes that might be helpful when reading, such as changing the size of the text or even the font. Some studies show that there might be a negative effect to using ebooks for learners, but others show there isn’t a significant difference compared to traditional books. Ebooks could help some children to feel more confident about reading if they prefer to use screens.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Pair Books and Movies

To help with reading comprehension, you might want to consider using both books and corresponding movies. Whether the movie is an adaptation of the book or it’s the other way around, it can help children to understand what’s happening in the book. One thing that you can do is compare the movie and the book, looking at both similarities and differences. Movie adaptations will often deviate from the book due to time constrictions and other reasons, so it can be a good way to check their reading comprehension and understanding of the book.

Online Tools

You can find a range of online tools and resources that are often helpful in encouraging children to read. One way you can use online tools to encourage reading is through using social media, blogs, and other websites to connect with other people and share recommendations for books and other things to do. You can also find tools that will do everything from listening to your child read aloud to presenting interactive reading experiences that your child can enjoy.

Technology can help your child learn to read or feel more confident and enthusiastic about reading if you find the right tools.

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