A Valentine’s Day to Remember!

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A Valentine’s Day to Remember!

I’m going to make this simple. There are some things that are just obligatory for the perfect Valentine’s Day:

Good company, good food and, if you’re lucky, an intimate gift that will commemorate this day for days to come. If you’re able to do these three things on Valentine’s Day then you will have succeeded one good thing this year. We may not be able to help you find good company – we will leave that for you to decide, but what we can do is list down some options for you to consider to give your loved one when it comes to all food related things that will make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

Special indulgences from Deliciousness

Deliciousness is one of hellofood’s newest sign-up. The new vendor does its name justice, offering all sorts of delicacies with a variety of Valentine’s Day specials.

Chocolate Praline Variety Box (15pcs): Ksh 1,250 ($13.66)

Box of mixed homemade pralines including dark and milk chocolate hearts studded with hazelnuts, cashews and macadamias. Package is wrapped in clear foil and tied up with fancy pink and red ribbons!

Valentine Cookie Bouquet in a Cup (8pcs): Ksh 1,250 ($13.66)

A mix of chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies on a stick, frosted with pink, red and white flavored icings and arranged in a white / pink cup. The cups are wrapped in clear foil and tied up with fancy pink and red ribbons!

Strawberry-Vanilla Cupcakes (6pcs): Ksh 1,000 ($10.93)

The signature vanilla cupcakes are topped with lightly-sweetened vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. They are laid out in a cake box and wrapped in clear foil and tied up with fancy pink and red ribbons!

Raspberry Cream Cheese Hearts with a Dozen Roses (6pcs): Ksh 1,300 ($14.20)

Fluffy heart-shaped mini vanilla sponge cakes, layered with fresh raspberry cream cheese filling and dusted with icing sugar. The cakes are displayed on a round tray and come with a bouquet of pink roses. Package is wrapped in clear foil and tied up with fancy pink and red ribbons!

NB: *Please note that if you want any of these treats, don’t be a late timer and place your order on the 13th of February! Place your order at least 48hours before for the very best service. Also, please note that all products contains wheat flour, dairy products and nuts or traces of nuts. So please check with your lady or man if they are allergic to anything to prevent Valentine’s Day turning into a disaster!

Special treats from Sugar Pie

Sugar Pie are no stranger to baking up a treat for Valentine ’s Day and this time around they have cupcakes that will keep you in a sugar high even after Valentine’s day is over. And just for the occasion, they are coming in 3 different flavors.

A Valentine’s Cookie Kit

This is made up of a box that has 36 sugar cookies that is priced at – Ksh 1,600 ($17.48)

A Pink Cupcake Box

This wonderful treat has 6 cupcakes, chocolate/strawberry (our special Valentine’s flavor) and red velvet, all decorated with hearts – Ksh 1,250 ($13.66) (Ksh 190/ $2.08 off)

A Chocolate Lover’s Cupcake Box

This is made up of 6 cupcakes, chocolate/mocha and red velvet all decorated with hearts – Ksh 1,250 ($13.66)/- (190/- off). To top it off, a dozen roses will be included for any order that is above Ksh 700 ($7.65)

For more Valentine’s Delicacies check hellofood.co.ke.

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