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Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2014 is Now Open for Entries

by Felix Omondi

Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2014 is Now Open for Entries

Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2014 Now Accepting Submissions of Innovative Ideas

Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2014 Now Accepting Submissions of Innovative IdeasVerizon has a strong belief in the power of technology in providing sustainable solutions to a lot of the world’s biggest problems. They also believe that good ideas can come from all kinds of people of all walks of life. Thus, Verizon is proud to present the Verizon Powerful Answers Award 2014.

Verizon is looking to award innovators with prizes worth millions of dollars for coming up with revolutionary ideas that will help empower and develop four core areas of the society under the following categories.

Education: Verizon is looking for ideas that will enrich the education experience by providing mobile solutions. Ideas that will keep schools up-to-date with the latest technology and give students the upper hand; ideas that present solutions under the following sub-categories:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Ideas that will make education fun and relevant to students anywhere and anytime with mobile based solutions.
  • Student & Teacher Analytics: Ideas that will gather data from various channels and allow students and teachers benefit from these data and enable advanced education performance metrics.
  • Collaboration & Gamification: Ideas that will connect students to one another and to their teachers with mobile and social based solutions. These ideas should find a way to gamify learning and boost education interactions.

If you think you have just the right idea that fits any of the above sub-categories under Education click here to submit your ideas.

Healthcare: The current healthcare industry is overwhelmed by challenges ranging from complex government regulations, chronic diseases and aging population among others. Verizon welcomes ideas that can connect patients and clinics with critical health information instantly; while reducing the cost and saving lives. Verizon welcomes these ideas under the following sub-categories:

  • Personalized Medicine: Ideas for smart analytics and recommendations that will enable patients get simple medical profiles for treatments and wellness in a self-service or professional model.
  • Communications & Care Coordination: Ideas that can enable patients use their own medical data and communicate in real-time and securely to doctors and facilitate immediate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Active Living/ Wellness: Ideas that employ the current technology of sensors and connected devices that can track a patient’s daily activities capture such data and interpret them. Such data could then be used to set target for desired health and wellness standards.

If you have such ideas that could help improve health in any of the above sub-categories, follow this link to submit your idea.

Sustainability: Under this category, Verizon welcomes ideas that will provide solutions to industries to run faster, cleaner and are energy efficient. Ideas that will yield low energy consumption process and invent application of renewable energy. Verizon has classified this under the following sub-categories:

  • Green Energy: This category explores ideas that present solutions on how to reduce or preserve natural resources? How to maximize usage of renewable energy while minimizing their wastage? How can green energy solutions be applied across the planet?
  • Energy Efficiency: Presentation of solutions that will reduce energy consumption through efficient use of technology, data and communications among other analytical solutions.
  • Smarter Living: Ideas that present efficient homes, smart food productions, efficient water distributions in urban areas and ways in which data can be captured and used to lead an individual’s life more usefully and efficiently.

If you have ideas that would fit this category, follow this link to submit your idea.

Transportation: Verizon believes that transportation problems can be solved by the Mobile Communications and Data Analysis Technology that have been developed over the years. Hence Verizon welcomes ideas under the following sub-categories:

  • Smarter Driving: Verizon is looking for ideas to enable you (the driver) and your vehicle to communicate with the environment in a smarter and safer way.
  • Urban Solutions: Ideas that will use technology and communication to lessen the traffic nightmare that is facing most major cities around the world.
  • Logistics: This sub-category welcomes ideas that utilize data analysis, location based devices and connected devices among other technology enablers that can increase logistics and distributions logistics.

To submit your ideas under the transportation category, follow this link. If you have more Powerful Answers, you can submit them to Verizon by following this link.


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