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Video Games will be streaming from the Cloud to your Console, Computer, or any internet-enabled device

by Felix Omondi
assassin's creed odyssey streaming

Ever since music grew cloud and flew away from CDs and  DVDs to the cloud, it seems that is where we will be getting everything now. Because, shortly after music taking to the cloud, videos followed hence the popularity of streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix.

Then again, computers in data centers have grown powerful, internet enabled devices have also increased in their power, and there are now more people connected to the internet than at any other time in history. In a sense, the cloud has become more affordable and accessible to many people.

Then get this, your next big gaming title could be streaming from the cloud. You better prepare for not going to a video game shop and buy a DVD or download the game online. All you will need is your gaming rig connected to the internet and logging in with your account.

That is exactly what Satya Nadella – the CEO of Microsoft – alluded to during the company’s recent earnings call. Nadella touched on the ‘X Cloud’ video game streaming service, which is currently in its ‘early days.’

He was actually enthusiastic about the idea of giving gamers the latest titles that play with console qualities from any internet enabled device.

Most critical is having a platform where gamers are already there,” said Nadella, alluding to the success its latest gaming console – Xbox – has registered.

I am most excited about the core (Xbox) community and content we have; I think that is what even gives us permission to think about streaming.”

Electronic Arts (EA) is also on-board the Streaming Ship

The journey to take video games to the cloud seems confirmed after big-wig like the Electronic Arts (EA) seems to be in support. This week, EA laid out a vision, which suggest that they are working on a conceptual framework that will have video games stream with artificial intelligence and creating a more “living, breathing worlds that constantly evolve.”

EA has some pretty big titles to its names including FIFA and Battlefield game franchises, and has a least 1,000 employees on its payroll. The organization is reportedly working on harnessing the potential of cloud computing and artificial intelligence on its next-generation game service, which will be hosted on servers in California. This project, is called “Project Atlas.”

I strongly believe that what’s on the horizon will bring greater changes than anything gaming has ever seen,” said Ken Moss, the Chief Technology Officer at EA.

You will be able to play games with your friends anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

Amazon, Google, and Apple could gain a lot if Video Games go Cloud

Big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple, which have invested immensely into data centers and are already providing cloud services to millions of people stand to gain when video games take to the cloud.

Take for instance, the popular video game streaming service Twitch, is part of Amazon Web Services. On the other hand, Google is said to be collaborating with Ubisoft – a French video game colossus – to put in add streaming capability to the hit ‘Assassin’s Creed’.

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