This Video Meme App Lets You Express Emotions With Awesome Short Video Memes

GIFs are swiftly becoming a way to express your feelings and emotions in an easy and remarkable way, but a new app is promising to add a new innovation in this realm. The app name is simple “video meme App”. It allows you to show and express your message and emotions in the form of short videos.

The idea of this app stems two college friends. They used to mention a lot of YouTube videos in their conversation; so they thought there should be an app where people could send video meme. The idea was to download videos from a service and then trim the useful part, add a meme text and share.

The app is extremely simple and straightforward. You can launch the app after installation and sift through a lot of videos which are curated by the app’s admin and community. You can watch the video and share it over social media and other places if you feel that this aptly presents your emotions.

For example, I found a video clip in which Donald Trump repeatedly asks “What’s Going on”. You can send this clip to tease your friend or ask him for a drink.

There are hundreds of such video clips in the app. You can also make your own. There are categories like Excited, LOL, Love, Cute and more. You can search these categories and search the clips accordingly.

This video meme app also lets you shoot a video clip and add a meme and share it over social media and chat platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and more.

Download Video Meme App for iPhone

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