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Vine the now defunct short video looping platform to be resurrected as Byte in Spring

by Felix Omondi
vine byte

When the announcement that Vine – the much loved short video hosting platform – will be shut down. A lot of users were heartbroken to say the least. However, it would appear that not everyone at the company is happy with the idea that they should have closed shop for good. Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann recently tweeted that they are working on Byte, the spiritual successor of Vine, and it will launch by Spring this year.

Other than the name Byte, there is still very little information available to the public about what exactly the video sharing platform will be about. But it would not be so out there, to assume it will more or less work like Vine; short looping videos. Hofmann has already launched a website for the platform, alongside some social media handles.

Twitter killed Vine

Vine’s path to its grave began when Twitter acquired it in 2016 and completely shut it down. However, Hoffman and a few others at the company still believe there is still a place for six-second looping videos in the midst of competitors like YouTube.

It is interesting to note that the name Byte is borrowed from the name of a tool that Hofmann had earlier created before they launched Vine.

In its prime years, Vine was an incredibly impactful profile though it had a relatively small number of users. It was nonetheless, the platform where popular memes were posted and was regularly used by YouTube/Snapchat/Musical Starts/Instagram to make an impactful sponsored post that got a lot of attention. When news broke out that Twitter will be shutting it down. There was a massive outcry on social media.

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