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Vodacom Tanzania has launched PeerApp Content-Delivery Solution

Vodacom Tanzania has launched PeerApp Content-Delivery Solution

UltraBand increases subscriber satisfaction while eliminating network bottlenecks

PeerApp, the leading provider of local content-delivery solutions for mobile, telco and cable operators, today announced the sale of its UltraBand content-caching solution to Vodacom Tanzania, the largest wireless telecommunications network, by subscribers, in Tanzania. Vodacom compared the PeerApp product to competing offerings and determined that UltraBand constitutes the most efficient solution for dealing with the surge in demand for content.Vodacom Tanzania has launched PeerApp Content-Delivery Solution

Along with the rest of the world, mobile network subscribers in Tanzania are demanding more real-time mobile media and entertainment. As smart devices are increasingly used to view videos, download movies and stream live events, mobile networks are finding it difficult to cope with the demand. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are looking for solutions that can help them keep up. PeerApp’s solution offloads the end-to-end content stream and delivers content from the edge of the network, close to subscribers, providing a seamless experience.

“Our network services over 12 million subscribers who use their mobile devices for an ever-growing variety of network services,” stressed Ashutosh Tiwary, Vodacom’s Chief Officer: Marketing. “We must have a solution that scales with the growing demand for content and that allow us to give our subscribers a consistent quality of experience wherever they are, whatever they do.”

UltraBand improves QoE by delivering content locally, close to subscribers, eliminating buffering and stalls, while increasing operational efficiency.

Trying to deliver myriad streams from their points of origin, across the network and onto countless subscriber devices causes network congestion,” stated Kiran Pande, Regional Vice President at PeerApp.  “UltraBand delivers the content locally, close to subscribers, keeping the network free and clear of bottlenecks.”

Many MNOs deploy UltraBand to give them a competitive edge by delivering the best QoE in their market. Subscribers churn less and express satisfaction with seamless services that PeerApp makes possible.

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