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‘Waabeh’: African Startup to fight Music Piracy

by Fahad Saleem

wabeeh music startupCopyright infringement is becoming increasingly unavoidable and is swiftly expanding law violation around the world. Music industry, being the most popular of all is the prime victim of copyright violations. We see and listen to hundreds of pirated songs daily, not knowing that their content we are using is labelled with a false identity. Someone can easily mesh a simple editing in anyone’s music piece and roll out with his own name on free cloud based sharing services. Teased up from this law violation, a Kenyan businessman, a former musician has taken a step forward and decided to launch a fully-fledged and dedicated startup focused to mine out the issue of music piracy.

The Music-Tech Startup is launched by producer for the last fourteen years, Tim Rimbui. Rimbui is Kenyan entrepreneur and his latest startup to fight music piracy is labelled as “Waabeh”. Waabeh eyes to mine out the online piracy of music, audio, podcasts and other types of audio-visual content from Africa to other parts of the world.

Waabeh is an online audio market that will not only ensure the complete originality of the audio content, it also offers great royalty rights to the musicians and singers, unlike the other music firms which claim more than 80% of the royalty of any music track published under their name.

“When we started, it was not really clear whether people would start buying music,” says the cofounder of Waabeh. Since its first day, however, more than 10,000 downloads and serves up over 330,000 streams of its content were made on Waabeh, a clear success depicting attribute. The user and client span has now crossed Kenya, the base of the Startup and got expanded to other parts of Africa, Central Europe and even Japan.

With the boost of music industry in Africa, startups like Waabeh are really appreciative for the new singers who, according to an estimate, lose 60% of their monetary rights in an effort to get into the mainstream. Waabeh makes sure that content is published with the real name of the Artist and hinders any chance of infringements through technical skills and measures.

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