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As you wait for your self-driving car, will a self-driving suitcase do? Check out the Robot Suitcase

At times, the self-driving cars look like a mirage. The closer we get to it, the further it seems to be moving, but if you are not so patient, you can always settle for the self-driving suitcase.

If you are the ‘here and now’ type of person, then you will be glad to know at the CES 2018. Some of the technology being used on the (mirage) self-driving cars have been adapted into making travel suitcase to help you with that weighty baggage.

A California-based startup, Travelmate, has showcased the robot suitcase at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas. The self-driving suitcase, as the name suggests can carry your luggage alongside, as you walk

around. You can control the suitcase using a mobile app and rolls around the owner at speeds of up to 11 kph (6.8 mph). Travelmate has done an impressive job in making the suitcase navigate around obstacles.

This is really a robot which follows you around,”

said Maximillian Kovtun, the Founder and President of Travelmate.

The suitcase integrated elements of artificial intelligence making it roll at the same pace as the luggage owner. The owner can also direct it using a smartphone app in the same way people pilot drones remotely.

The self-driving suitcase will start shipping in the U.S. market starting next month, with European and Japanese markets to follow next. The starting prices will be around $1,100.

Now, this suitcase might seem a bit out there for some, if not the most. If that’s the case for you, we would like to draw your attention to another category of suitcases that should be more practical to your everyday needs. It’s a list of best luggage brands



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