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WalkMe Alternatives that you should consider


WalkMe Inc’s digital adoption platform is renowned globally that offers 360-degree solution to enterprises worldwide. This cloud based platform is one of the oldest onboarding software available that has been trusted by iconic brands such as PayPal, Microsoft and CISCO. WalkMe’s dynamic platform has been helping organizations with their employees and customers in user adoption and thereby securing a seamless digital transformation for better functioning and impressive ROI. WalkMe’s technology undoubtedly has inspired users to adopt digital systems. Having said that, one should also be aware of some of the best alternatives of WalkMe available in the market that can help your product adoption initiatives excel. There are some great digital adoption software available, which are best in campaign performance and segmentation, and has awesome customer reviews to their names. 

On pricing front, WalkMe turns out to be a bit expensive and doesn’t provide any fixed price. They basically offer customized plans to their clients that end up being costly. Some of the best walkme alternative that can be explored are listed below : 

1. Whatfix

This SaaS based platform is by far the top competitor of WalkMe and is growing rapidly in digital adoption space. Whatfix platform helps its clients with easy onboarding, modern and effective training, best support with contextual contents and simple interface. Their interactive walkthrough provides one stop solution to all product adoption difficulties. More than anything Whatfix is easy to use – install browser extension of Whatfix and it’s all done. There’s no programming effort required, instead Whatfix Editor can do wonders in creating walkthroughs. The best part of Whatfix is that it can be easily integrated and synced into web platforms without any hassle. With stringent data security measures, Whatfix is enterprise ready. Several Fortune 500 companies globally have entrusted Whatfix for a quick ROI on their technology investment, thereby driving user engagement and productivity.   

2. Nickelled

This UK based firm is effective serving clients ranging from Startups to large enterprises globally. It is easy to use and the step by step guided tours help users immensely in understanding the software. With a free trial one can build interactive and code free walkthroughs that helps in easy onboarding and conversion of users. Nickelled’s UI is intuitive and easy to navigate, as a result you can easily move pages around and add content on the move. Tracking data is also easy. The support team of Nickelled is very responsive and are available to answer all your queries. It is also cost effective and can be used as an alternative of WalkMe.

3. Pendo

Pendo uses analytics to understand the users better. As a feedback system it uses surveys to gauge user sentiment. For effective onboarding, in-app walkthroughs with targeted messaging guide proper digital adoption. Pendo can be used to leverage more user engagement, onboarding and analytics. It is a smooth platform with prompt and effective support that is responsive. Pendo’s in-app training is customer specific as each customer uses product differently. However, Pendo doesn’t have any specific rate card and offers custom prices based on client requirement. 

4. Iorad

This web based software helps create step by step tutorials for web portals or applications. It is best known for sharing of application among employees, customers or anyone else for the purpose of knowledge sharing. Though Iorad starts with $100 monthly fees per user, it offers free trial. Iorad helps to create training videos and walkthroughs quite easily with zero efforts.  It also offers a great feature of tweaking and updating training programs at ease with automated voice overs. Iorad’s interface is user friendly and saves time, resources with less error percentage.

5. Appcues

Appcues product led growth platform is easy to use and makes onboarding smoothly. With new and advanced features it drives adoption at ease. Appcues helps enterprises deliver product experiences that create delighted customers and scalable business growth. Through Appcues you can add in-app messaging to customers for announcements of new features, outage reporting and taking surveys. Thereby making onboarding experience a simple and effective one. Through their API one can create great reports and make lots of customization as per need. It is easy to use and doesn’t take much time to create impressive and effective customer experiences. Appcues enable you to take NPS scores, qualitative feedback of product, and several user-declared data that helps in better product designing and strategies.

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