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What is this WannaCry ransomware that’s got every PC user scared?

by Felix Omondi
wannacry ransomware

You don’t know what WannaCry is? Stop for a moment, and count your blessings if you don’t know it because you are not a victim. Sorry if you are researching on it because you were unfortunate enough to see it on your PC.

What is WannaCry?

WannaCry also referred to as Wanna Decryptor or wcry is the latest malicious software to spread around the internet infected computers and encrypting files. The malware (popularly known as ransomware) blocks people from accessing files on their own computers and threatens to delete them unless you pay them a ransom amount.

How does one get WannaCry on their computer?

Well, security experts say the common way most people are getting the ransomware infect their computer is via emails containing links. The malicious software installs itself covertly on your computer when you click the link within the email trying to trick you to open a link. Once you open the link, the malware will install itself on your system without you knowing.

Once it affects your system, it demands ransom

Once WannaCry installs itself on your computer, it encrypts your files and blocks you from accessing them. Instead, it gives you an on-screen pop-up Window that demands payment for you to access your files. The payment is paid in digital currency, with Bitcoin being the common currency.

Removing it from your computer

Well, it ain’t easy! But you have a chance of removing it using advanced anti-malware software. Power users can also remove it manually by booting their computer in ‘safe mode,’ although security experts warn doing that might lead to damaging your PC. That is because, as you try removing it manually in safe mode, you have to go through sensitive system files to find and isolate the WannaCry files. If you don’t know what you are doing, you risk deleting system files needed by your operating system or other applications to run.

Source: PA

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