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Want Free Chat GPT-4? Here are Four Freemium Ways

by Felix Omondi

To get the full-package of Free Chat GPT-4, you need to pay $20 monthly to OpenAI. Come to think of it, don’t you think the company’s name – OpenAI – is somewhat misleading? It almost rhymes with open source, which gives a feel of a bunch of nerds giving bespoke IT solutions for the love of it, not for profit.

Be that as it may, this article is going to show you four tricks to get their premium Chat GPT-4 service at zero dollars. Without much further blurbs, let us jump right into it:

Tech giant Microsoft was one of the initial heavy investors into OpenAI’s research. Consequently, the company was able to get enough leeway to offer GPT-4 for free to its customers on the Microsoft Edge’s Bing Chat. However, there was a limitation of a maximum of 300 chats per day with a cap of 30 rounds of questions.

Come December 1st 2023, Microsoft did a rebranding of Bing Chat and called it Copilot. A very interesting thing happened during that rebranding, as Microsoft lifted all the limitations previously on Bing Chat. Thus you can get free access to virtually all the Chat GPT-4 features for free right on Copilot. has integrated Copilot into its features. That is to say, if Chat GPT-4 is available for free on Copilot, it is also accessible for free on Although some have described as an entity that is reinventing internet search, while OpenAI is creating super AI. The two are garnering for slightly different market niches.

The pro version of will set you back $20 monthly. That begs the question, is it really wise to invest $20 in the pro version of Perplexity or just get the real GPT-4 in the first place.

Merlin is a nifty Chrome browser extension that gives you access to free GPT-4. Although it has a cap on the daily number of queries. The extension gives you 102 free GPT-4 requests per day.

If you think of open source AI projects, then Hugging Face is one such a project. The platform is backed by thousands of developers who collaborate to build an open source AI tool.

Although some users say they had mixed reactions while using the platform. As they claim the Chat GPT-4 option can take too long to answer your questions.

Wrapping up …

Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier of human evolution. It is certainly a growing influence across all industries and without a doubt it is causing quite the disruption. Be that as it may, it is undeniable it has the potential of transforming lives exponentially. This is a tool to be leveraged on, not to be resisted.

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