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Want to know about Bitcoin Wallets: 4 Key points to know


If you are thinking about making an investment in Bitcoins, you need to know certain points about this cryptocurrency. Unlike the traditional currencies that are kept in physical purse and wallets, Bitcoins are kept in digital form. You can’t keep Bitcoins in your physical wallet, because Bitcoins are digital currencies.

What are bitcoin wallets?

In simple terms, Bitcoin wallets are the tools that are used to store the public and the private keys. These keys are then used to spend and receive cryptocurrencies. Since Bitcoins are virtual currency, they can’t be stored in pockets and purses. You need to have a bitcoin wallet like to keep bitcoins safely.

Method of Bitcoin wallet working

Unlike the traditional wallets that you use to keep your coins and currencies, bitcoin wallets can’t store actual assets. These virtual wallets can only be used to generate the needed information and then send and receive cryptocurrencies in digital format.

If you want to make a transaction in Bitcoins, you need to have two keys. These two keys include the private key and the Public key. Your bitcoin wallet is made up of just these keys.

A private key consists of a random sequence of letters and numbers that can help you to manage cryptocurrencies. It is related to your Bitcoin wallet address. High level of encryption makes it impossible to reverse the hashing that is used to generate keys.

But it is important to store the keys associated with your Bitcoin wallet at a safe and secure place. Make sure to not share the key with even persons you trust the most. If you won’t have access to the wallet key, you may never get access to your wallet.

A public key is a single string of numbers and letters that is derived from the private key. The public key is mainly used to receive bitcoins and identity the sender as well as the receiver.

How does the actual wallet transaction work?

Bitcoins are not stored in a physical format. They are basically a record of transactions that are stored in a blockchain format. The wallet basically works by interacting with the blockchain to manage the cryptocurrency stored inside. If you want to transfer or make transactions in Bitcoins, you need to have the access to the matching key. By entering the private key, you will give proof that you are the owner of the bitcoin. And you will complete the transaction by making use of the public key.

Types of Bitcoin wallet

Don’t worry, just like the type of physical wallets you have, you can also make choices in terms of choosing bitcoins. For most people, choosing the best bitcoin wallet may seem a challenging task. Thus, we have come up with the information that will help you to choose the best Bitcoin.

Paper wallet

A paper Bitcoin wallet is also known by the name Cold wallet. This an offline method of storing your bitcoins safely. In simple terms, a paper wallet is a printed piece of paper that is coded and encrypted. The paper wallets are called the safest way to store Bitcoins. The biggest advantage of using Paper wallet is that it can’t be hacked. But you have to keep the paper wallet in a safe and secure place to get maximum benefits.

Hardware bitcoin wallet

This type of Bitcoin wallets makes use of an actual device that can keep your keys safely. For example, if you are storing the keys of your Bitcoin in a device that do not come up with an internet connection, it can be called a Hardware Bitcoin wallet. The only disadvantage associated with a Hardware Bitcoin wallet is that you need an additional PIN to get access to this wallet.

Online Bitcoin wallet

Most people may say that your Online bitcoin wallet may have the chances of getting hacked. But this is not the real truth. The online wallet that you have can store your Bitcoins safely and conveniently. The best part about these wallets is that it is encrypted. Try to keep a track of your online transactions and try to use safe websites if you don’t want to lose the Bitcoins stored in your online wallet.

We hope all this information about Bitcoin wallets will help you in making wise choices in choosing the best Bitcoin wallet.

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