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Want to Learn English? Try English Lessons for Spanish Speakers


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English Lessons for Spanish Speakers Can Help You Learn English Successfully

English and Spanish might seem like completely unrelated languages, but they actually have more in common than you think. They are both in the top five most spoken languages in the world, with English coming in at number one and Spanish coming in at number four. Additionally, the two languages have many cognates, words that share the same roots. As many Spanish speakers live in the United States, an automatic connection has been forged between the two languages.

With so many commonalities, it’s only natural for Spanish speakers to learn English and vice versa. Objectively, English is a more practical language to learn since it’s the most spoken language in the world. People from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Spain, and so many more places can all learn English easily by signing up for English lessons for Spanish speakers.

Where Can Spanish Speakers Learn English?

As the most spoken language in the world, English fluency can open many doors. What’s important, though, is finding the right method to learn English.

If you’re learning a second language as an adult, you will likely have a harder time than a child doing the same thing. Children’s brains have more plasticity, which enables them to pick up second languages very easily and subconsciously. Adults, on the other hand, have a harder time since their first language is very much ingrained in their brains.

If you’re an adult Spanish speaker who wants to learn English, it’s important to choose a learning method that caters specifically to your needs. Eurekly is an online site that connects tutors and students while eliminating the traditional challenges of learning a second language.

Why is Private Tutoring a Good Way to Learn English?

Private tutoring is a great way to learn a second language because it overcomes the challenges that other language learning methods pose.

When you try to learn a foreign language through an app, you’re mostly on your own. If you get discouraged, no one is there to cheer you on. You’re likely to abandon the endeavor, and the money you spent will be wasted.

When you try to learn a foreign language in a college or adult education course, you can end up paying a lot of money for an instructor who doesn’t offer personal attention. Rather, they need to stick with their curriculum and can’t consider the challenges faced by each individual student. Moreover, you have to arrange your schedule around the time of the class and travel back and forth.

When you try to learn a language with a local, in-person tutor, you will certainly get the personal attention you need, but the cost will be very high. In-person tutors often charge high rates since they are few and far between, while their services are in high demand. Moreover, you’ll still need to schedule sessions based on the tutor’s schedule, not your own.

When you try to learn a language with a Eurekly tutor, all of these challenges are solved.

Private online tutors:

  • Give encouragement and push you to do your best

  • Give personal attention and focus on your needs, challenges, and goals

  • Offer competitive rates since there is a large supply

  • Can adapt to your schedule. Since there are so many online tutors, you can easily find one or more that can work according to your schedule, not the other way around

  • Can learn with you wherever you are, plus, there’s no need for you to travel

The Value of Learning English with a Native Speaker

Online lessons have the added benefit of allowing Spanish speakers to connect with native English speaking tutors. If you live in a country that’s mainly Spanish speaking, it can be hard to find a tutor who has the right credentials to teach you English. When you turn to online lessons, though, you can easily find native English speakers who can help you. You can even find tutors who specialize in teaching ESL, English as a second language, which is ideal for adults and children.

At the same time that you look for a tutor who speaks English, studies suggest that you should learn with someone who speaks your native language as well. Research published in APA PsycNet suggests that people who want to learn a new language can use their native language to bootstrap their efforts. So if you study with a tutor who is bilingual in English and Spanish, your chances for mastering English quickly are higher.

Sign Up for English Lessons for Spanish Speakers

English lessons for Spanish speakers are a wonderful way to become fluent in English, the most spoken language in the world. It’s never been easier to get started with the advent of online tutors who offer personal attention and don’t cost a fortune. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of English fluency, there’s no better time than today to get started.

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