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Washington Post is the Most ‘Tweeted’ Newspaper of 2013

by Fahad Saleem

Washington Post is the Most ‘Tweeted’ Newspaper of 2013

The most tweeted newspaper in 2013 is The Washington Post. On an average week, the Post generates an astonishing amount of 275,193 tweets and surpassed all other Newspapers. Closely following The Post was the New York Times which was tweeted 261,422 times in a single week.

Newspapers are now more then ever moving into the digital age. In addition, they are now gathering attention of people through social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The trend of reading news on hard-coated papers is decreasing. People are searching for news stories reported by various newspapers through their favorite social media channel.

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A survey was carried out by ‘Searchmetrics’ to reveal the Newspapers which generated the most stories on Twitter and other social networks. The story “Texas Gunman brain dead, may be tied to Colo. Slayings” covered by USA Today’s Story, gathered the most tweets last year. It was the most discussed News and it received a total tweets of 408,816.

Newspaper “WaPo” holds the record for covering four stories that received major attention on Twitter. The story “Gunman Adam Lanza” received 361,259   tweets. WaPo became a source of fascination for the readers through social media sites.

Social media sites are now targeted by Newspapers to gather the attention of digital media users. By doing this, the newspapers are hoping their stories will receive global coverage via social media site users throughout the world. Typically, when you log into your social media site, It is natural for you to scroll through the site and check to see what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Facebook, another popular social media site,  shared around 10.4% of the distributed stories last year. Facebook is also another hotspot for sharing stories  because it’s population is in the Millions.

Besides social media destinations, It is well known that Google allows you to discover any news activity without any hassles. Google has the most amazing search engine created thus far. News papers exploit this by processing stories through Google. With Google’s ability to share news articles globally, it surpasses all social media sites combined.

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