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Watch out PlayStation and Xbox, Huawei has joined the Video Gaming fray

by Felix Omondi

The made-in-China brand has pushed out so many companies out of business, especially those of the West. There is just something special about brand made-in-China. They are lean, fast, efficient, and super-effective that once they enter a given market, it tends to devour and leave their competition in the dust. It now looks like video gaming hardware heavyweights – Sony (PlayStation), Microsoft (Xbox), Google (Stadia), and Nintendo – might have to wrestle this lethal brand.

There are rumors doing rounds on the internet that Huawei is planning to enter the video gaming hardware market. Yes, that is right! Soon you could be playing games on a gaming rig produced by the giant Chinese tech company.

Huawei baby steps into the Gamers’ Hearts

Huawei had begun – albeit stealthily – to spread its tentacles into the gaming world with the Honor Hunter V700 gaming laptop. Although the Honor gaming laptop experienced less shelf life thanks to the then prevailing geopolitical situations that led to its stock being sold out quickly.

There are rumors that Huawei is now making fresh attempts to reenter the market. This time around, their device will not be a gaming laptop but a console said to rival PlayStation and Xbox. The two biggest heavyweights in the gaming hardware arena. And no, Nintendo gaming rigs don’t count since they are powered (rather under-powered) by ARM-chips; case in point, the Nintendo Switch.

The said Huawei gaming rig is rumored to be beefy enough to give PlayStation and Xbox a run for their money. In other words, the supposed Huawei rig will not be another under-powered ARM running gaming console.

So what will power the Huawei video gaming hardware?

It is interesting to note that AMD entered into a partnership with some Chinese companies a few years back. A partnership that has since seen the production of Zen-based CPUs. So to say that an APU beefier enough to rival that found in PlayStation and Xbox will not be a too far fetched imagination.

Then again, Huawei has also been working on its own silicon design. The company already released the HiSilicon Kunpeng 920 chip, which runs on the ARM instructions set. This chip is currently powering the MateStation B515 computer together with an AMD Radeon 430 GPU. If the HiSilicon chip can be swapped with a more powerful Radeon chip, you already have a beefier gaming computer right there in the MateStation B515.

What Software will the Huawei rigs run on?

Back in August 2020, Huawei unveiled the GameCenter, which is built on top of the Huawei Media Service for Android. The console could run on a fork version of Android, or the company might decide to go at it alone with its own Linux-based OS built from the ground-up.

Before we wind it up, remember Huawei has already released a gaming console in the past. It already has the Tron console running on Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). It was released back in 2014 and is Tegra 4 powered.

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