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“Watch This” Web App Helps You Find Movies Based On Rating & Genre

by Fahad Saleem

The ‘Watch This” app is for the movie fan in all of us
“Watch This” Web App Helps You Find Movies Based On Rating & Genre

For all the movie fans out there, we have some exciting news. “Watch This” is a great web app that helps you find great movies to watch based on genre and ratings. Why this news is great can be answered with more than one reasons. First of all, it suggests movies instead of providing info about the movie you have already selected to watch and just want to know about story line and cast etc. Second, it does not limit you to any movie collection. Third, it has filters based upon many categories to narrow down your search results. And fourth, because we find it awesome.

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Previously, the best known choice of movie lovers has been IMDB and no doubt that’s a great tool but the way it works is different. You have to know the movie beforehand and it will provide you all info about it. Now deciding “which movie should I watch next” is the harder part and IMDB does not help you there. That’s where Watch This comes in for the rescue. Unlike Movienr and Netflix Roulette it is not a very sophisticated tool and can be improved by making some changes to interface and visual effects but unlike Movienr it is much simpler and unlike Netflix Roulette it is not restricted to movies that are available on Netflix for streaming.

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On the website you will find simple tools that let you select genre of the movie you want to watch, release period of it and IMDb ratting of it. These simple filters will narrow down you search from countless movies to a few available. There is an option of including or excluding less popular movies. These are the movies that have been rated by relatively less number of people (less than 1000 in this case).

Once you have selected the filters, click on “Get me another movie” and it will provide you with suggestions. From there you can directly visit IMDb page of that suggested movie and in case the movie doesn’t intrigue you much, you can always come back and click on “Get me another movie” to jump to another movie suggestion. This web app is a simple tool for movie suggestions and has a good collection of genre. It might be more successful than apps in the same category since it is simple, reliable and is not limited to a few movies.

Give Watch This a try here.

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