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Watches For Men: From Classic To Diamond


A set of jewelry and some dashing accessories is all a man needs to upgrade his personality profile. A watch is a perfect partner in this regard. Whether a business get-up or a casual go-to-the-beach day, a watch is a cherry on top to complete your look.

Fancy watches are no doubt an attention-grabbing tool for modern men. But you still have many options if you want something pocket-friendly. A classic watch will not only pair up with your coat and a dress shirt but will also elevate your cool-boy looks with a plain T-shirt.

This article thoroughly explains everything about buying the ideal watch that matches your demands and where to look for it!

Classic Watches- What to Look In a Watch Before Buying One?

Before taking the burden on your wallet, you must know about certain parameters to appreciate a good watch. Some factors play a major role in deciding the quality of a classic watch. Here’s a list of them.

  • Brand And Pricing:

A common belief is that if something costs more, it must be exceptional. Well, it’s true to some extent. Some fine brands make every possible effort to bring their products to the spotlight.

The best brands in the market include Rolex, Citizen, Casio, and Omega. You may be looking at a handsome price tag, but these watches are worth it. So, if you are buying any one of these products, you are making the right choice!

  • Weight Of The Watch:

Always keep in mind to weigh a watch before buying it. If it feels lighter, do not fall for it. An original watch is always somewhat heavier. But not as heavy to bend over the wrist!

  • Dial Size:

Dial size is an important thing to look at before adding a classic watch to your collection. A dial size goes in accordance with your wrist. A big dial will look good if you have a healthy wrist. So, choose wisely here. You won’t like buying an expensive antique just to throw it in your drawer later.

Classic watches Can Be Your Show-Stoppers:

A classic watch signifies passion and value for historic fashion. It is personality-building equipment and boosts confidence if you wear it at your job interview or wedding. A classic wristwatch with a less crowded, normal-sized dial is all you need to bring zeal to your daily life routine.

A classic watch is your best option if you are looking for the perfect ornament to boost your character without unsettling your pocket. Go for a classy black, grey, or navy blue-strapped watch to bring out your inner gentleman!

Diamond Watches- a Step Forward to Modernization:

Buying a diamond watch may be the biggest investment you make in a while. So, this decision needs to be accurate and creditable. The style and carat size are the important factors that need to be highlighted before buying an expensive diamond watch.

Why Choose a Diamond Watch Over a Classic Watch?

Diamonds are not just a woman’s best buddy but can also do wonders to a man when shaped in the perfect accessory. Also, they never run out of fashion. A diamond never looks shabby, even if it is a hundred years old piece. So, if you have the budget to fit a diamond in your watch, go for it!

One Big Flashy Diamond or Carat Weights? What Looks Better in a Watch?

Men usually do not prefer big pieces, and when you talk about a watch, no one wants it to look like a ring or a bracelet with a single big stone. A perfect diamond watch should be shiny and eye-catching.

You can customize your watch in accordance with your needs. It would look good if your watch showed small scattered pieces of diamond throughout the chain rather than one big piece. Also, small diamond pieces cost less than a whole stone.

You would make your life’s smartest choice by filling your watch with small starry diamonds rather than a big chunk.

Where To Find The Perfect Diamond Watch?

ItsHot is your savior if you have finally made a choice to invest in a worthy diamond watch. It offers you to choose from a list of options according to your preferences.

ItsHot is obliged to provide you with some best iced-out watches preserving the accuracy of famous brands and putting the required diamond touch! So, if you are looking for a bust down watch to make your personality all glittery, ItsHot got your back!

ItsHot’s Burst Down Watch Collection:

ItsHot is famous for its iced-out collection providing the trendiest diamond watches for its customers at the best price.

  1. Luxurman Men’s Diamond Watch 4 Carat Raptor:

This affordable watch is up for just $1,499. This watch has a 46mm case and blends 4 carats of diamond beautifully in its bezels, sides, lugs, and band. To your surprise, this water-resistant watch comes in the ideal packing offering two extra leather bands.

  1. Iced Out Luxurman Large Diamond Bezel Watch:

This fabulous item is not just diamonds but gives you extra credit in the form of gold plating for just $995. This piece comes with 2.5-carats of diamond and an 18k yellow-colored gold-plated bracelet. This precious item comes with two additional leather straps and a five years warranty plan.

  1. Joe Rodeos Iced-Out Watches:

ItsHot also offers a wide range of iced-out watches in Joe Rodeos’ collection. Joe Rodeo reviews tell us that these watches come up with a 44mm+ case offering more space to be iced out with diamonds of any size. These watches range from $500 to $10,000, so it is not for the faint-hearted.

Final Words:

A watch is a man’s buddy in elevating his confidence. Wearing a watch gives the impression of maturity, punctuality, and personality consciousness. So, specify a drawer for your watch collection if you want to impress this society.

A classic watch goes well with a businessman’s look. It can also acclimatize with a college boy’s profile or a perfect lover. But nothing is better than a diamond watch if you want to show off your success and tell the world about your achievements.

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