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“Watt?” to launch World’s First Smart and Wearable Power Cell-ATOM

by Fahad Saleem

“Watt?” to launch World’s First Smart and Wearable Power Cell-ATOM

Most of the devices these days operate from battery and once the battery depletes, the functioning of the smart gadgets simply stop. You can not carry the chargers for all of the diffrent kinds of devices that you have. Moreover, you might not be able to look at your smartphone to check the notifications during meetings, or other important events, or when you are holding lots of bags in your hands.

These problems have become quite universal now, and we all need to find an answer to them. Well the wait is over, now a modern wearable technology in the form of a bracelet lets you overcome all the mentioned worries that we have. This device is certainly the first wearable smartest Power Cell called ATOM. It not only recharges your devices enabling them to work around the clock, but also interacts with them while on your on the move.

ATOM is certainly a unique kind of wearable technology with plethora of features and It will ready to be launched on Kickstarter in a few weeks time.

ATOM provides handsome features that is now popular with all smart gadgets today. As a power house, it will charge all your digital battery powered devices. You just need to charge it for two hours, and it will be able to charge plenty of devices. It carries capacity of 2100 mAh.

The great feature that lets this device standout is its interaction capabilities with Android and Apple’s smartphones. Once you integrate it to your smartphone, it will display your calls, text messages, and other social media notifications while your smartphone lies in your pocket or handbag.

Another good feature is the alarm notification as soon as you leave your phone at some place. The phone may also ring a notification to ATOM as well. If you are unable to track your phone, you just need to push a button on the device to ring an alarm on the phone, making the tracing process easier. You can also control the music by changing volume using tilt motion and even pausing or skipping the songs with the flick of the wrist.

watt 2

You will rarely find ATOM out of charge or even your gadgets since it rings the alarm in both these cases. This device will be available in five different colors. The device is just 85 grams in weight, with flexibility in adjusting to any kind of wrist.

“Watt?” is the product of the company called O-dynamics. This company aims to offer a novel approach towards technology through unique, stylish, innovative, and simple products. For more information visit this link.

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