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Ways Technology Affecting Social Skills


Do you think your every-day-chatting helps you to develop? Let’s check what you may get due to the negative effects of technology on social skills.

How Is Technology Affecting Social Skills?

Since the Internet became the standard, there has been controversy over its impact on the social well-being of users.

There are two groups of people who argue over the appropriateness of using the Internet –

the first group claims that its influence is overwhelmingly positive, and the second group insists on the negative effects of technology on social skills.

In this article, we will look at the positive and negative effects of technology on social skills to understand what side is actually right!

Technology Affecting Social Skills in Two Ways

Now you know there are two rival parties. The first group includes those who argue that social media and the Internet can achieve a richer level of social life than before.

The second group argues that as the amount of time spent online increases, people become more detached from each other and begin to lack true human relationships.

Pros: Positive Social Connection and Support

Have you noticed how fast we get a lot of new acquaintances or like-minded people?

Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are social networks that unite people from all over the world. And the popularity of app development services, which allow this kind communication, provided by companies like MLSDev is growing.

Also, there are advanced technologies that allow us to earn more from the comfort of our homes. For example, look how much popular day trading Bitcoin is.

Cons: Social Disconnection and Development

Based on everything that we discussed above, it becomes clear that people simply rarely leave their house. You can order groceries from home, chat with friends on Skype, get an online education, and even work from home!

All these factors reduce our social activity by replacing real life with a virtual one with likes, comments, and reposts.

Negative Effects of Technology on Social Skills

Of course, technology has a positive development, but no one can deny that there is part of it that has a negative impact.

Below we will discuss the following negative effects of technology on social skills:

1. Eye Contact

2. Phone Skills

3. Conversation

4. Spatial Awareness and Dangerous Distraction

5. Attention Span

6. Risk of Depression

Let’s go!

Eye Contact

Eye contact is undoubtedly one of the top social skills.

Firstly, during online correspondence with partners, you will certainly not be able to express your confidence or persistence with a glance, as we used to do.

Secondly, a long stay in front of a computer decreases our ability to focus on something, like maintaining long eye contact with a partner, teacher, and so on.

Phone Skills

Again, our favorite messages changed us a lot.

Have you noticed that you feel uncomfortable when you have to talk on the phone about important topics? About study, work, and so on.

We are used to writing everything, because we can hide emotions and attitudes to a particular topic. This has led to the fact that we gradually forget how to look confident – no one sees us when we write a message, right?


In a lively conversation, you can recognize a person.

You can understand whether a person is telling the truth or being cunning, whether he wants to communicate with you or not, whether he is interested in your proposal. Emotions and looks speak for themselves.

But by emails and messages we will not understand this in any way, and very often this causes difficulties and misunderstandings.

Spatial Awareness and Dangerous Distraction

And this moment is more serious.

Many people, particularly the younger generation, are so immersed in online games and virtual communication that they are simply afraid to talk to someone in real life. They can’t perform in public; they can’t have an active conversation with friends in college.

No matter how quickly technologies evolve, they will never replace physical presence – this must always be remembered.

Attention Span

A trivial example – you are bored at a lecture with a teacher. What will you do? You will check the phone!

Another example (I find these situations very strange) – have you ever noticed how meetings with friends happen now? 80% of the time everyone spends looking at the phone.

We gradually lose our ability to concentrate. If we get bored even for a second, we don’t try to redirect the conversation to an interesting direction or ask a valuable question to the teacher – we find entertainment on the phone.

Risk of Depression

You know what Internet bullying is, right?

A huge number of people become victims of online bullies. Unfortunately, it has become very simple – you can do whatever your heart desires from someone else’s account, and no one will even know who you are.

Some victims with a stable psyche cope with this, while others suffer more, even to the point of depression.

And it is this fact that we consider the worst in terms of the technology affecting social skills.

In Conclusion: Technology Affecting Social Skills

Based on what we discussed how technology affects society, it makes sense that the rise of technology has a largely negative impact on social skills.

However, it all depends on the person.

If you do not spend all your time online, use this opportunity for studying or earning with free crypto signals. Keep an eye on your social life, so you may not notice all these negative effects of technology on human interaction.

The most important thing is to control the situation, then technologies will only bring benefits.

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