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Ways to Boost Your Domain Authority


Entrepreneurs always measure the performance of their business or project. And this is the right approach. After all, if you can’t measure, compare, analyze and calculate how effective your business efforts are, you will never know how to improve them in the future. Therefore, it makes sense to use several options for assessing the ranking of a website in search engines. One of the most commonly used metrics is Domain Authority by MOZ, which takes into account many factors when calculating site rankings. Let’s figure out what’s essential for your DA and how you can raise it.

DA Basics

The lower the DA of your site is, the easier it will be to raise it. So if you use the domain authority checker and are unhappy with the result, then following the below recommendations will help you fix the situation.

#1 — Take Care of Link Profile

Domains host some unique backlinks to your site. So if it got 20 inbound links from two different websites, then you only had two root domains linking to you. Getting multiple links from various sites will boost your rankings more than getting many links from the same website.

#2 — Check the Quality of Backlinks

MozRank is a metric used to measure the strength of your site’s inbound links. It evaluates not only the number of links pointing to your site but also their quality. One good inbound link is better than two poor-quality backlinks. MozRank uses a scale of 0-10 to assess the weight of every link from your profile.

#3 — Earn Trust

MozTrust is a metric used to measure the quality of your inbound links. It measures how closely your site is connected to other trusted sites (.edu or .gov platforms). Having such backlinks is considered a sign of trust, which significantly affects your DA.

#4 — Produce Quality Content

Content is one of the main factors that a site’s search engine rankings are based on. So it’s no secret that the quality of your site’s content is a factor determining its domain authority. Therefore, you should never duplicate without user-selected canonical for a copied content.

#5 — Do Not Forget About Search Engine Usability

It refers to the structure and usability of your site. Site structure can directly affect usability as poor site structure makes it difficult to navigate an online resource. It also prevents search engines from crawling and indexing your web pages correctly, which can negatively affect your rankings.

What to Do?

Domain authority provides a better understanding of how your entire site is performing. High DA rates are key to the top rankings of your site and the stable traffic you get. So if you want to ensure that your online resource performs at max, you need to work hard with its domain and ensure its proper authority.

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