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Ways to Create Attention-Grabbing Photographs for Your Projects


It’s a rare photographer who doesn’t want to attract more public attention to their projects. And it’s not only the matter of satisfying one’s vanity. Any artist that makes something new wants to share their creations with the world and draw inspiration from beholders’ feedback. And photographers are no exception. But what is the surest way to enjoy the fruits of your labor to the fullest and get maximum satisfaction from publishing your photos? Well, you’re going to learn more about that from today’s article.

Tell a Story

There are loads of cool images scattered all over the Internet. Those people that require nice pictures for their blog, college project, or social media post may simply access free image hosting websites and pick the photo to their liking. Moreover, with modern online photo and graphic design editors, one can easily get the best graphic layout ideas and quickly make some tweaks to their pictures to enhance their original quality. That being said, both professional and amateur photographers crusade to find fresh ideas for their original projects. And the best way to truly impress your audience is to tell a story.

Stories may come in different shapes and sizes. So, when it comes to selecting your story, you should figure out what type and format actually best suits your creative soul and artistic vision. The most important ingredient in the formula of your storytelling success is to present a genuine and captivating narrative told by your photos. And it’s not even necessary to make everything plain before your viewers. You can intrigue them with some symbolic object appearing in your image, people’s facial expressions, sophisticated allusions to other artworks, etc. Unseen or scantily presented elements also can add a lot. Try framing a person or some object out of your shot, introduce a relationship into your photo, or arrange multiple shots in a meaningful collage.

Create a Travel Guide

Today, lots of people focus on travel photography, and for good reason. Now that traveling is easier and more comfortable than ever before, lots of people tap into this advantage to accumulate new experiences, explore new places, cultures, and learn tons of new things in different corners of your beautiful planet. No wonder, so many travelers crave to document fresh experiences and share them with their audience.

If travel photography is your cup of tea, you may want to help others quench their wanderlust by creating a visual travel guide. There is no need to include any detailed explanations of your itineraries or list the most appealing hotspots from a tourist’s perspective. You can take multiple shots of those picturesque locations you’ve visited and present a short description under your images. You may want to provide your recommendations and suggestions topically or chronologically. Incorporate vibrant images of those places, people, or objects that impressed you the most and top it all off with customized graphics, captions, or text in some extravagant format. Make sure that each subsequent shot continues and adds more value to the story you’re telling, making it more vibrant, salient, and palpable. such a series of images can not only masterfully document the experiences you had, but also help other travelers to plan their future itineraries more efficiently. Plus, by sharing your travel photos you can fulfill the most important artistic mission – to let others behold and feel the mesmerizing beauty of our colorful world.

Do Portrait Series

Just like any other form of art, photography serves the noble and meaningful purpose of humanism. And lots of photographers, especially those that do photography professionally, focus exactly on portraits.

Faces reflect a whole host of different emotions worth capturing. As a photographer, you may want to take some shots of kids in Deli splashing around in the ditch. Photographing those people that inspire you is a great way to pay tribute to them, celebrate diversity and the multifaceted nature of human identity. Just keep it natural. While you may want to experiment with filters or visual effects when making some fashion portrait pictures, you definitely want to present a realistic picture when it comes to photographing the Maasai tribe in Kenya or capturing the faces of people that survived the earthquake.

You may also opt for serious conceptual photography and try to take portrait photos of junkies, prostitutes, elderly people, or patients with terminal illnesses. In this case, you should be ready that your photos can elicit mixed emotion in your viewers. That being said, such photos will never go unnoticed.

There are many ways to ensure your photographs are a success. You try other popular photography techniques or tricks and see whether they are effective. You can also hit on your own ideas that might bring even more kudos to your projects and spark public interest in your photos. Just remember to do what you like and feel is right. And success won’t be long in coming. 

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