Ways to Help you Move Up the Career Ladder

Ways to Help you Move Up the Career Ladder

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You may have spent weeks to months either temporarily out of work or working from home with the current global situation. So whilst this is the case, it is the perfect opportunity to review and plan how you are going to take that next step and move up the career ladder.

Whilst you have this surplus time not having to do the daily commute or have hours to fill, now is the perfect time to utilize this newfound free time, and invest them in yourself. Here are some areas that you could develop and upskill, that will give you that head start when looking to progress.

Review And Update Your CV

This may seem obvious, but it is the first job you need to do when looking to make a change in your career. Even if you review and update it regularly, still use this time to make sure your CV is up to date and reflects all of your recent achievements, whilst also documenting your full career history, from when you were working as a Process Servers to more recently helping with making your current business more digital. With any achievements documented, make sure to include, in quantitative terms, the benefits this bought.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Interviews may be different from those you have had previously, with the possibility of more aspects being carried out remotely. So, although you may be confident with how you interview, it is always worth brushing up on those skills and ensuring they are transferable into a remote scenario and you are confident with any technologies that may be used.

Learn Or Develop A New Skill

Whilst you have all this spare time on your hands, make the most of it. Seize the opportunity to learn or develop your skills. These can be anything from learning about something more technical such as how to use spreadsheets, to working on your own skills such as communication, how to assert yourself, or practicing the art of public speaking. Potential employers love seeing that you have the self-drive to learn and dedication to succeed. There are courses available to assist with this, that will provide certificates and qualifications.

Go Back To School

Have you ever considered how going back to school could be life-changing for you? It’s not that you didn’t get enough schooling when you were a child, but that as an adult it’s a very different decision. You’re going to learn so much more when you find a graduate diploma of psychology online to work around your current job. If you want to do more and be more, you need to be open to learning and as a mature student, you will likely be more determined to get it right compared to when you were a child. Going back to school gives you a chance to further your career prospects – or even change them completely. Don’t be afraid to learn something completely new, either. It’s inspiring to go and change your career entirely. If you want to just upgrade your current knowledge, a post-graduate diploma or certificate can do that for you, too. Not Only is being a mature student going to change your knowledge base and improve your career, your salary is going to shift upward, too!

Be Commercially Aware

This shows that you are interested in more than just the 9-5. It shows interest in your chosen field and initiative. Just by understanding the industry more, it will help you firstly carry out your job role more successfully, help you with making informed decisions, strengthen your reputation and help with further career progression.

Gaining this awareness is so readily available. Even when at home there is a vast range of resources available at the tips of your fingers from various websites, webinars, and podcasts.

Reach Out For Recruitment Advice

In addition to the self-improvement you can do, there are also experts in the recruitment industry who will be able to help you further. From being able to offer advice and guidance to the different jobs available to you, to offering advice on how you can strengthen and improve your chances of being hired.

Update Your Skills

Whatever industry you operate in, you need to be aware that it is not a static object. Instead, each sector is the reflection of new technologies, innovation, cultural changes, and economic dynamics. If you are looking to move up the career ladder, it is essential to understand and leverage these changes to ensure that you, as a professional, remain competitive and appealing to the right companies. 

For example, if you are already working in business and you wish to move up the career ladder, it is impossible to ignore the changes that data and analytics are bringing to the sector. In this case, courses such as the ones you’ll find at St. Bonaventure University can help you keep your skills up to date. 

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